Dow Down 666 Points



Then why don’t you share your AAPL account with us??? Sharing is caring!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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Here’s what Warren Buffett says to do when the market tanks

“Don’t watch the market closely,” he advised those worried about their retirement savings at the time. “If they’re trying to buy and sell stocks, and worry when they go down a little bit … and think they should maybe sell them when they go up, they’re not going to have very good results.”


This is where we differ in views. Under normal circumstances I would agree with you but given the current tax climate I am strongly convinced that someone will acquire TWTR in the next few years, if not sooner. Companies are repatriating their money back to the US and given TWTR’s brand I believe it is very likely that we will see some M&A activity there. You are right that TWTR is a long term loser 10 years from now, but the problem is it’d be long gone by then. TWTR would have ceased to exist by getting acquired by another company long before.

If the above doesn’t happen that’s fine too. My position in TWTR is small and selling now will not make me rich by any means. Might as well just ride it out for the time being and reassess at a later date.


wuqijun - do not read this message or ignore this !!!:rofl:

“I am strongly convinced that someone will acquire TWTR in the next few years, if not sooner” ==> This may happen, but that will happen when TWTR is at lowest price end or at the verge of bankruptcy time.

The reason for me sell today is TWTR has jumped 30% and it is at its peak now while entire stock market tanks. If next week, stock goes down, TWTR will also go down. Normally, Mr.Market target one company after another bringing down 10% or 15% daily like todays IRBT/UBNT. Like this TWTR will be a target to bring down all the gains to down right lowest point.

If economy tanks in recessionary mode, at some point of time, some wealthy good cash company swallows TWTR to put an end of the ERA.

If stocks (S&P) tanks another 10% in next 30 days, then you will see TWTR’s today price is the highest for next few years.

Same is the case for NVDA, if it jumps 10%-15% sell it, book profit.

If it is bullish period, I would not suggest to sell TWTR when it is turning around a profit level.

What I see/guess is painful correction or bearish period (like 2011) for a longer period (which was due longer period).


Good for the old man and you. But we don’t go back in time. What matters is what is the next 10X’er?

Personally I think it’s too tough to look in the <50B basket. There is too much uncertainty and volatility is too high. It may be easier to look in the 50-80B range and place bets on a few promising ones.

When was the first time Apple hit 50B market cap?


That’s correct. Using AAPL as an example to dispel conception that RE is better. So far, my experience tells me otherwise. I consider flipping is a kind of business… and you committed a lot of effort, so you are getting paid for your effort and expertise, and should not be compared to RE rentals or buying stocks, more appropriate would be compared to private equity. Going forward, if you are not investing for passive income, AAPL is likely not the right choice.

I think about that too. Volatility is too high for sCap… not established, is almost like gambling. Need a bigger market cap.

Probably after launching iPhone :slight_smile:


For me, RE is good for the first 2 or 3M. Pretty much if you bought your primary in prime Bay Area, plus one or two rentals, you can just do nothing, sit and wait for the 2 or 3M to materialize.

Going beyond 2-3M needs more effort. It can be a business, flipping (which is just another business), stocks etc. It can’t be purely passive. We got paid proportional to the efforts we put in.


The great thing about RE is it can be passive or active.
Where else can a small business person with even limited English and connections make big money?
Buy right add value and let your tenants pay your expenses…Or flip and move on…


RE is a slow way to get rich but with very high probability. If a couple just puts every single extra dollar into Bay Area RE they will certainly be rich after 30 years.

With stocks the potential payoff is a lot higher a lot quicker but you can just as easily flame out.

So why not have both RE and stocks?


I do. But actively working RE only.


If you look at the big companies, most make their money directly or indirectly from consumers not businesses. That makes sense when consumer spending is 70% of economic activity.

I’d even argue Google and Facebook make their money off consumers. Yes, businesses buy the ads, but they only buy the ads to reach consumers. Without consumers, there’d be no ad business.

Consumer focused companies are where it’s at but consumers change preferences frequently.


Futures looking good after a bleak day worldwide.


My polls shows that most people here have most of their networth in RE. With leverage, RE grows faster than SP500. Scaling up could be a challenge, just the same as any other business.

After certain level, you may have to go with commercial RE to continue to expand. If you stay with apartments, it can still be low risk and stable through economic cycles. You can own 10 15 units without getting involved with any partners.

In terms of risk, RE is lower than most other businesses.

In terms of effort level and passive income, RE is pretty good. Stock investment is really passive with low effort level if you invest in indexes. But once you start trading stocks, effort level becomes high and risk also much higher.


RE is all about value add…Find something that needs fixing…whether it has empty units, foundation issues, needs updating or was just ignored by other investors…like off market deals


Unfortunately in the South Bay market (or Peninsula) nothing gets ignored by anyone, even the ones with serious problems. The house I just got, I had to outbid 24 other people to get it, driving the selling price way above asking.


Just put an ad on Craigslist. I will buy your house, cash quick close. Only need one or two a year.


What? Did you buy the trophy property you were talkijng about in south bay? Rental?


Even here there’s competition… routinely I get “we buy ugly homes” spam mails from all kinds of people…


Not a trophy, just a flip. Will get rid of it sooner or later.