Dow Down 666 Points



Bezos is not pleased. If I were you I would watch my Prime bill closely…


That might explain the missing notification on my Alexa. She’s glowing yellow, but won’t tell me what’s up when I ask her.


Silly Alexa. Time to homepod.


The wild card is interest rate.

Economy is doing well. But even with an ok economy, stock market can still sustain significant declines. Sell on the news of tax reform would have been correct


Yes, the dip will be perm correction to the level of bonds rate hike as lender ( company finances, REIT finances and residential mortgages ) are not getting free printed money from USG/FED and they need to source it from external market sources.

If FED adds more rate hike, the market will react to the level of rate hikes going forward.

This is the main reason Market was going up madly Jan 2018 ( without any reason like bitcoin ) before falling down!

This is all my guess work, it may be right or wrong , left to the forum members take their own decision.


@manch, why don’t you liquidate all your holdings to set an example for everybody :wink:


I also sold amzn and fb. I dont see how they can skyrocket now


Oh nevermind you won’t… I missed action for an hour and looks like the market came back… :rofl:


We need a daily stock sentiment poll now. It’s at the critical juncture now


IMO, 20% is easy when FED continues its rate hike as planned 3 times this year. That is why I was telling wait until next FED mtg Mar 2018.


I’m going to put in a buy for AMZN at 1050 (or maybe 1075). Wild gamble. My guess is it won’t go down past 1150, though, and I’ll rethink it when the dust settles.


So only 3 people didn’t sell anything due to this “panic”:

  1. @hanera
  2. @manch
  3. me

Please add your name to this list if you didn’t.


I am waiting to buy after the Mueller report.
Haven’t sold anything.


There’s nothing wrong with holding, wuqijun. These roller coasters are when I get my thrills. It’s my version of a casino.

We’re not touching 401K allotment or anything.


There’s nothing wrong with holding, but everything wrong with selling.

I mean, just look at your vocabulary: “thrills”, “casino”, “gambling”. Is that something a level-headed investor would say about him/herself?

Sorry again for being blunt…


You should not take our selling as a judgement on your holding. We all have different expectations from our investments.


I actually sold something everyday. Just not everything. That’s the bargain of taking out margin loans.


Selling is also part of individual strategy like buying, you can not everything in selling is wrong. It depends on comfort level and case 2 case individual basis.


I didn’t sell everything either. Just the ones I think are going to be most volatile.


+1 I didn’t sell tho’ I was tempted. otoh, I wish I was brave enough to do what @Terri did. I think what she did would have been the right thing for me (I am a little risk averse)