Dow Down 666 Points



Buy or Sell, it’s OK. But I think it’s better to have a plan and a system and stick to it. I know it makes me feel much better knowing I have a plan in my pocket.

Your plan can be simple like @wuqijun. Just don’t sell anything. That’s a plan.

My plan is slightly more complicated because I take out margin loans. So if my portfolio falls to a certain point I force myself to sell some. I have been selling something for more than a week now.

I am not saying I am right. Just saying I have a plan and following it. If you don’t have a plan maybe it’s a good time to make one.


I also have a lot of margin loans. But I’m not selling. Yes I suppose if I will be margin called soon then I might need to start selling some, because I don’t want the brokerage firm to liquidate my holdings indiscriminately… :wink:




We can keep @manch on the list because he is only selling to cover. He really had no reason to sell otherwise…


I’ve been actually using my small dry powder a little :slight_smile: & might continue to do so.


Yes, it’s actually a good time to buy, not sell.


I dont know where the bottom is, but if I did… I would already be a billionaire :slight_smile:


Got balls :+1:


World first Trillionaire :rofl:


In scientific terms "Testicular courage " :slight_smile:


One slightly contradicts the other.


up 1.5% Friday Feb 9, 2018.


Not a contradiction at all. If you don’t have any margin (like you) then now is time to marginize and go all in. If you have enough margin (like me) then just stay put. If you have too much margin (like @manch) then you have to sell.


I have zero margin. I have never gone margin… maybe it’s time… :question::question::question: to slowly get in


Absolutely. A healthy margin rate is 25%-30%. Anything less than that is too risk-averse. Anything more than that is too risky.


10% discount is not that attractive. 3 months ago might be better


Margin investment can also be DCA’ed since we don’t know how much more it will fall.

But I’m reasonably confident it can’t go more than 20%.


What’s your expectation on the upside? You buy so that you can sell later for a profit.


What does that mean?


Dow 50000 five years from now.