Election Poll

Let’s do a poll here

Who you voting for
  • Trump
  • Biden

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Come on people. Gotta be more ppl in this forum.
This year seems not much topic discussion about the election.

What about Kanye West? :slight_smile:

Shy Biden voters.

And no one talked about Hunter Biden story, no matter real or not, i would expect some more voices than trump’s tax return, but seems like trump tax return get more attention

Manch, your site sucks, only got 10 active ppl
你以為 realestateforum 真係咁多人覆你?其實都係同一個人,唔信我轉個ac再comment

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LOL: This means good, less politics, but users spending something better for their life !


That’s fine. As long it’s useful to those 10 people.

By the way I just searched for your agent review from two years ago. Planning to give her a call one of these days. So this site is at least useful for me.

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Also, less political discussion is actually better for this site. I realize the election is consuming a lot of people’s attention right now. After the election is over I’ll probably start pushing the more political threads into the “Politics” subcategory again.


I’m using her husband’s property management as well 一條龍
You selling or buying more?

There’s also “Undecided”.


Selling first. May buy later.

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A poll on how the vote changed since 2016 is more telling IMHO.

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better sell now before tax hike.

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Looks like landslide win for biden. No wonder so many ppl put their house on market now. Maybe I need to think about selling also

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This is the way news/media creates poll and publish it. This poll is taken at Bay Area/ California where majority is democratic and votes to Biden are not a surprise!

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This is a CA forum, so the data here reflects the population you’re sampling.

2016 U.S. presidential election in California[2]
Party Presidential candidate Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Count Percentage
Democratic Hillary Clinton 8,753,788 61.73% 55
Republican/American Independent Donald Trump 4,483,810 31.62% 0

In this forum, only @manch and @Jil are selling. I’m a buy n hold wrt stock and RE investment.

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Stocks I trade/swing trade, but real estate I am holding as of date, ultimately half of the real estate will be gone in 10 years (when nearing retirement).

I guess some people enjoy working to give most of their earnings to others.


I was just having that discussion with my son last night. I explained that when you work, you have to pay taxes, but when you don’t work, you actually receive money from the government aka negative taxes aka welfare. Isn’t that fantastic?

I’m not really onboard with defunding the police. My motto is going to be DEFUND THE IRS!!!

(PS: We are not selling. But then again, we need something to live in. I’ve got too much stuff to set up a tent on the sidewalk.)

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