Elon Musk in trouble

Yeah. I’m sure that’s why everyone went to places like Power Exchange and Bondage a Go Go. They were discussing business and technology.

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I’d like to believe him, but I have to be honest–I don’t buy that these sex parties aren’t happening.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that I witnessed “cuddle puddles” in my own dorm…undrugged–completely voluntary. I never asked who’d actually slept with whom after it happened–didn’t want to know. But unfortunately, I think it’s reasonable to believe that some people never grow out of this behavior and that this stuff still happens.

Can I assume any women above 18 is no longer … ahem.

If I understand the question… No… you can’t assume anything about women in general having done or not such behavior.

The cuddle puddles were limited to certain people. It wasn’t like everyone in the dorm was doing it. There were certain social groups.

I also heard many colleges have compulsory nude run for freshman :grinning:

wuqijun - Did you participate?

MIT also hosts cuddle puddle?

If Musk is proven to be guilty of this party thing, will he be forced out of Tesla?

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I run rude even today every morning at my nudist friendly neighborhood park… :rofl:

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I’m not sure “hosts” is the right word. Most dorms were coed, and guests were allowed at all hours. These were groups of friends who hung out together and simply had less inhibitions while sober than most people.

At least Musk claims to be sober, no drug. Did he drink? Was he not drunk and remembered everything he did?

I like to believe him. But his attack on the journalist is odd. If he was simply a guest, why bother?

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He is defending his investment buddy. A very honorable trait! What a noble person Mr. Musk is…

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Why so prudish here. Enjoy wild parties when you are young… when you are old you won’t regret the the wild parties in fact you will regret missing them and nobody will invite you anymore… Nobody wants to see old people naked… lol

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Which is why they need the drugs at the SV parties.


Musk is already in trouble, question is how big the trouble is.

If he’s writing a long and angry article to defend his friend, he must be a close friend to the VC host and it’s unlikely he is not aware of the drug/sex party nature.

If he defends the host when he clearly knows that this host has a well known personal conduct issue, he’s a sexist at least.

When this has become an open secret in his circle, it would be hard to believe that he has no idea of the nature of the party. If he knowingly went to the party, it would be an issue even if he left early.

Since Musk’s name is now publicly related to this story, it would become hard to conceal the truth. If he knowingly defend the host even if he knew the nature of the party, it would still be big problem for a public figure.

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Please, tell me you are kidding right??? Elon is not remotely in trouble. Did he throw the party? Did he coerce or assault anyone? Is anyone from this party accusing Elon of sexual harassment? Were people forced to attend this party against their will? Grown people having consensual fun. No more, no less… Party on!!!

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He might not have been before, but if he’s lying and deliberately trying to ruin the reputation of someone who is telling the truth, he will be in trouble. It’s one thing to say “I went only for business–I don’t ask what everyone else is gonna do after i leave–that’s their business not mine.” It’s another thing to say “No way–sex doesn’t happen at these parties. Someone is making up that story.”

Wanna bet?

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Here’s a person doing something great to save the environment and mankind with EV revolution and space exploration. We should focus on those positives. Yet all you care about is petty little things like his conduct at a party. How sad… hope you can at least direct your focus better with your investments/speculations… :rofl:

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I don’t believe Chang’s stories anymore.

No smoke without fire.