Engine 44 Firehouse in Noe

will set you back almost 6M… But it’s drop dead gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


The residence at 3816 22nd Street was created inside the historic Engine 44 firehouse that is a local landmark in Noe Valley. Renovated in 2007, the three story, four bedrooms, five bath (three full, two half) home is a modern masterpiece of design and light within a Mission Revival exterior. With over 6000 SQFT of living space the home has ample room for the needs of today’s buyers. The four floor homes first floor consists of a gracious entry, media room & wine cellar with access to the hardscaped rear courtyard with auxiliary shed. The second floor holds the kitchen & the open & bright living room/dining room. The third floor is three beds & two baths with the fourth floor consisting of the master suite with a large outdoor terrace.

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Dang! A beauty!

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Once you remove the 4s…

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Come on Fearless Leader, now this is THE REAL BOMB (yes, needs some tasteful updating) Nothing smells better than old money…

This house on the other hand (unlike reduced Engine 44) will be snapped up just like that…

They aren’t even in the same league. 44 is a piece of art. This old hut in SFW is just fugly…

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Dude, nothing in St. Francis Wood is UGLY…ugly rich looking and smelling YES!!!

Uh, pended (3M) … How is that double death firehouse doing??? Not a whimper…

Comrades, wood doesn’t go well with fire.
That home insurance is going to be pricey…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyway, I would stay away from scenarios where in a quake houses fall like pancakes one on top of the other…learned my lesson back home in 1987

Can I rent out the firehouse for $30k per month? If so it’s worth the investment, even if its double death :slight_smile:

Who in their right mind would pay you that? Hmmm, AirBnB I suppose but remember the Fab 7x7 wouldn’t allow you to do it if not your primary and there is a limit. Don’t mess with the double 4’s, you are simply asking for it. Do like any smart car thief would (when seeing a club), you move on to an easier target since it is easier!!!

To be fair, that old fart in SFW is like half the price of 44. They aren’t even playing in the same league.

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I think manch wouldn’t mind paying that amount since he likes it so much :slight_smile:
Maybe Mark Zuckerberg’s poor relative who needed his support and wanted to live in an SF firehouse…

Take out the first 4 and add an 8 and voila…pended!!!:slight_smile:

OMG, every decent home (regardless of price) in the Fab 7x7 is SELLING!!! This is right on Holloway so not as desirable if on a quieter street yet Pended and over 2M presumably… Engine 44 better take a massive haircut if it wants a new owner…

How can it get a haircut when the current owner bought it for $5.5M?

What? They overpaid?
Sell! RE prices are falling down! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it would be called a loss… perhaps something foreign to you but that may be in stored for the owner here. The thing is, this is a specialty property that would draw interest from only certain folks. Sure, it could have sold immediately for the right buyer. But, unfortunately, reality has set in and either the pricing is just out of whack with the market and/or with what people NOW want to spend for it or it is the bad luck 4’s at work again…

Not a problem, these people are so rich that these properties are like toys to them. Give or take a few million is no big deal. Pocket change!!!

See this… paid for all cash. Filthy rich rolling in dough.

Well, this sold but under asking (OMG, when does that happen?) at 3M even. It is old and in need of a refreshing.

That firehouse is cool but it is going to require some special buyer with deep pockets who had a thing for fire engines as a kid…