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Only Japanese sports sedans(currently) in my mind are Infinitis.

I test drove the Q50s recently … they were good… but the germans were MUCH better in terms of good blend of sporty driving + comfort/ride(for broken Bay Area roads) - leaning more towards sporty.


BMW handling is amazing. Even the base models are great, because the entire focus of the car design is handling. Car design is always about trade offs between different objectives. Each car company starts the design based on their top priority.

Toyota - manufacturing process
BMW - handling
Volvo - safety
Most - powertrain so they can reuse the same engine in multiple cars to save costs


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“everything about cars”


Just came across this.


Really? Not big on Lexus?


No, although I do own a 335i. The handling is amazing and even better once you ditch the run flat tires. I keep a can of fix a flat in the trunk and have AAA for if there’s a real tire blowout. Tire blowouts are super rare if you pay attention to your tire wear and replace them when needed. I learned WAY too much about tires working on a tire recall.


Talk about EXPENSIVE! Unless you find a sugar momma…


I don’t have run flats, but got 2 flats in my all seasons in newly acquired German sports sedan in less than a month. Thankfully, Road side assistance comes free for 6 years for me.


Wow, those are terrible odds. Do you drive near construction sites a lot? Maybe you drove through SF and picked up drug needs? :slight_smile:

I rarely drive in Seattle, and that’s probably a good thing. There are construction sites everywhere. That definitely increases the odds of something puncturing a tire.


1 in SF(big pothole). - Replaced tire
1 on 880 S close to the 237 exit. - Tire repair guys couldn’t find leakage spot and the same tire is working fine now after refilling air - so mystrey

I’m just hoping it’s 2 random unrelated events(2 different tires on the same vehicle)


The biggest problem in the BA for a car collector is garage space…Get a big garage first…


wow. That must have been some ride!


Now that, is sweet…


BaT is a fun site to peruse.

The original Air cooled 911s from the 60s-1998 have had a fantastic run up in value over the past few years.

Even looking at the last incarnation - the 993 —- these start now in the mid 40s/50s K USD and go up from there.

If you choose wisely, you can enjoy a fun hobby and have all the maintenance (and then some) paid for with all the appreciation. Your NSX would have fallen in rhat category.


Funny. I leased a 2.5 car garage in the east side of city to a guy looking for extra space to store his eleven alfa romeos. No joke…


He probably only needs to store 7 since at any given time 4 are at the mechanic.




Lexus was/is not on my list.
Acura used to be however not the current ones


Yeah, the lack of extra garage space probably cost me about 20K. A retired co-worker had a very clean 63-4 semi rare 912 that I could have picked up for about 7K awhile back. I told my mechanic about it and he bought it. It needed to have the engine drained but overall was in good shape. I hear that these are now worth about 30K. Dang it!!!