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Drat! Personally, I’m not overly fond of the 912. It does have that classic rear engine feel, but the sound of the flat-6 is not there — it sounds like an air cooled 4 cyl because that’s what it is. The 911 is what you want. :wink:

That said, values of 912s have skyrocketed — see below:



Someone is selling a Factory Five Shelby Cobra replica on eBay. $31K starting price.



I occasionally see some getting sold on craigslist :slight_smile: i like to see what cars people are selling :slight_smile:

I also want to build my own, and get familiar with resurrecting cars. I wanna another with my future kid before s/he’s 16 :slight_smile:


Something I would seriously consider is an electric version of the 818.


Hey @tomato, wanna go? This might be worth checking out…



This car has 2200 mi. Just a garage queen that you tow to car shows? Seems sad and pointless…


You can drive it if you want. People buy or build it for its beauty though. The original shelby cobra sells for millions )


Looks interesting, but not sure if i can justify flying/driving there :slight_smile:


If you try driving it back I doubt it will make the Tennessee boarder. Definitely not a daily driver.


are you going? :slight_smile:

I will instead find a classic car show nearby, and wil probably make a day-long event with friends. Started probing some people in my circles :slight_smile:


Also just found this:

Very convenient haha.


CRX is just so easy and super cheap to keep and maintain! Fun car too - 2K lbs with updated/upgraded suspension and it can hang with most newer cars on the handling dept.


If I am not too busy with work or remodeling my new home by then, I will try to fly down there with the wife since she misses So Cal food. Just a short Friday night - Sunday trip. I want to see the Factory Five cars up close to see if this is a project worth doing. Making an electric version of the MK4 or 818S would be what I wouldn’t mind having to play around with on the weekends. This though, would be awesome to have in the garage…


I can maybe see if anyone at google cars group has one of these if you decide not to fly. Plenty of people doing things like this, i figured :slight_smile:

When i get a house & put finances in order after some remodel etc, i will probably test drive one of these. You are starting to make me curious about 818 - looks more practicle than MK4 for daily commute (which is my intention).


I know, and I plan to keep mine and restore it once the house exchanging crap is done. The CRX that was on eBay I guess did not meet the seller’s reserve price (come on, $6.4K at my last look is a decent price!!!) so it has been relisted.


Well, according to Factory Five, the 818 is the cheapest and probably easiest one to do. It is more practical and probably pretty dependable if your donor Suburu Impreza car was decent, and imagine if you go the route of electric, which would be even cooler. I guess two outfits in So Cal do the electric conversion (EV West and 33 Machine). If you haven’t already done it, order the free nice color brochure from Factory Five and you get a dvd. One thing to look into is whether CA still limits the registration of these kit cars to still 500 per year. I don’t know if frankly that allotment is burned up quickly or not.


I searched it not many people do it to fill that quota


The last time I was in South Lake Tahoe there was a car show and there were plenty of muscle and classic cars for one to check out. Cool Camaros and vintage Corvettes. No kit cars though (not that I was expecting any). I want to get totally immersed in the culture and knowledge, so if it means a flight down to HB for a fun weekend, so be it…



I was thinking you need to find a donor to have the car complete, but looks like they are also selling engines. absolute madness!

625 hp…


I like car shows. I take my Russian wife who has no nostalgia for old cars. To her they just for are old men with their old cars. Kind of turned me off of car collecting… lol