Everything About Electric Vehicles


I still say electric cars in general are too ugly and/or too expensive. Once someone CAN OFFER something like this (in electric form of course) for say sub $60K (and to me that is generous) then let’s talk.


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Too hard to get in and out. I’m getting fatter everyday. Not that agile anymore.

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I got a sore hip getting in and out of my 1985 corvette in my 30s. Sports cars aren’t comfortable when you are 6 ‘2”.
Plus the door was so long it was impossible to get out of many parking spots… Couldn’t get the door open far enough.

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Ok, ok, I get it (yeah, getting into my crx even is starting to be “difficult” lately)…

Electric cars have limited appeal… Basically a commuter second car for wealthy urbanites in blue states that have garage space and a place to charge at work…Will still need a second car for weekend trips…Probably an suv that can carry shit and the whole family…15% of the total market at best…Especially since gas prices are at there lowest level ever compared to inflation…people in apartments, exburbs and rural areas have no use for electric…Basicallly they are fashion statements for urban hipsters…Americas favorite vehicle is an F150 pickup truck…

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The problem is you are making assessments of future demand based on current EV specs. A better guess is that as the EV specs improve (range, charging rate), demand will continue to increase. And likely demand will be outpacing supply for many years.

My wife’s friend who just returned from CES said everything was AI, AI, AI…

Shoot, WHEN we get to robot cars, demand for personally owned cars may be relatively low (rich people who want their own ride)…

Porsche stock is cheap

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No One Else Built Charging Stations, So Automakers Will Do It

After years of hesitation, the car industry understands it needs to create refueling networks for electric vehicles.