Everything About Electric Vehicles

Shale oil breaks even at $50/barrel. When the Saudis get greedy American producers make money. Exxon stock is doing very well at $80/barrel

People here told me Biden is anti drilling.


US crude oil production hit the highest level since the COVID shock.

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I spent much less $3000/yr on fuel :grinning:

I heard that battery life is only 15 yrs. My Lexus RX is more than 15 years old :wink: Why should I buy a new car with 15 yrs of depreciation when my car is already fully depreciated?

Gas would have to hit $8 a gallon before most people would save money on an EV.
We’ve been over the comparisons here before and they’re based on garbage data. Trucks and SUV’s compared to EV passenger cars; assumptions that EV claimed range equals actual and assumptions that all charging can be done at home instead of on the road where commercial rates will apply.

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EVs owners got more money than sense so let them waste money.

…as long as I don’t have to subsidize it.

Too bad

We deficit spend so your taxes are not coving the pork anyways :laughing:

California Shows an Electric-Car Uprising Headed for the US


No growth in EV sales where I live. You hardly ever see one. Just a handful of people with their $100 deposit on an Aptera.

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It’s inadequate even in a Tesla. Stories all over the net about folk who tried to do a long trip in one.

Tesla and China Risk Leaving Volkswagen on a Road to Nowhere

US Electric Vehicle Sales Reach Breakthrough Pace

Mostly in CA, now Austin too :roll_eyes: