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Wow, a riot over Nutella!!! What is going on in France???

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Hey, merchants/butchers used to give away the chicken feet away for free to the poor Chinese way back in the day and voila it is a dim sum dish today…


Woah! Looks like most of the country are eating fastfood Mexican, pizzas, and burgers.

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Ok, WB goes for the sirloin…

Yeah. That definitely sounds like our diet. Plus some sushi.

Aaaah, health food…

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The Impossible Burger was featured on Bloomberg radio a few months ago. Bill Gates is one of the investors. The company claims that carnivores prefer this plant based patty in blind tastings over real meat. Sounds pretty amazing if they can do different cuts of meat without sacrificing the taste. Heard they are expanding to fish as well.

We by chance last night had 5 Guys burgers in Westborough Square since we wanted to drive by our contingent home in SB after the Warrior game and wanted to check out this mall that is nearby. Nice mall, has a nice Pacific asian market (huge) and plenty of parking.

Anyways, this is what I think. The 5 Guys burgers are good in that they are larger than the efforts from The Habit but pricier. Geez, 25 bucks for two “fast food” burgers, a reg fries and a reg soda is highway robbery I tell ya… We ain’t moving!!!

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Maybe this should go on the Chinese food thread but you should try this place called Fire Up Hot Pot near the Westborough Square @sfdragonboy. I haven’t been there yet but I am interested in their chicken pot and the Vitasoy with red bean ice drink so will most likely pay them a visit soon.


disappointed with the love for burgers on these charts… sad!
I guess everybody knows a good burger place, but people need to search non-burger places. That’s the only way i am finding some happiness.

Happiness comes from cooking your own food. That is the only way you can know what is exactly in your meal and it will be cooked exactly the way you like it.


Is that a wisdom that you gathered later in life or something you were doing from very beginning? I never really cooked myself besides precooked meals and so on.

It is a great talent. Worth cultivating at a young age. Easy to learn and something that lasts a lifetime. I cook, my wife does the dishes. Cooking is way more fun. Plus it is the one thing I keep getting better at. Skiing, and other sports are in decline at my age.


My love is cooking. Cooking started around age 18 and been nonstop. Seriously I have like 2000 cookbooks. Now, most of my cookbook purchases are kindle books though. I

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