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I like to blind test this.


God, I thought the San Tung chicken wings alone would have put us over the top…:smirk:


I agree with number1, Italy. But not as good as 30 years ago. Too much foreign influence, tourists and convenient short cuts now



Who doesn’t love it when he/she sees an AYCE sign???


I don’t. Food at AYCE is sloppy in general, with the exception of the Bacchanal Buffet at Vegas. Non-buffet food seems more delicate.


Oooh, I had a wallet emptying experience at that buffet. Yes, it is my fault for going to Vegas I think during Christmas or New Years a few years back but anyways we wanted to check this buffet out since it was rated very highly. So, we go there about 5pm (not expecting to eat for another 2-3 hours even) and their turnstile machines were giving out numbers or times that indicated like 10-11pm. WTH!!! You don’t want to be around wifey when she is fussy and hungry… So, I hang around the hordes of people to see what I can do. I notice a manager type tell a couple if you pay X more I get you to the vip short line so you get in pretty much immediately. You know how I like to chit chat with women especially so we ended up sharing dinner with two Asian women in line with us which cost us a few hundred dollars for a buffet dinner and yes how they get around it is that extra fee goes for a special additional dish of your choice. We had the whole fresh fish I think and it was ok.

Agreed, AYCE food generally is not great but fun if you have a huge party.


I eat there every time I go to sin city. Love their dessert section :cake:


I try to avoid AYCE places except for Indian restaurants. I don’t find the food necessarily better, and I don’t want to feel like I have to overstuff myself to get what I paid for.

Took me a good 10 years to undo that damage from my mom–to her AYCE meant you’d better eat all you can.



Hey, you never know, the big one could hit here…



Damn, that is messed up, I love this homey toison place…



Wow, you go girl!!!


What??? I personally think Bala’s (The Cakemaker) wedding cakes are the best!!!





How often you go for them ST chicken again?


Every night, on the night…

No, once in awhile when we have the urge, so maybe once every 6 months. If friends or family members want to go there and they call us, we would join in.