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It’s not Malaysia though.

Malaysians don’t eat Pizza. They eat Nasi Lemak and drink Cendol.

Nasi Lemak
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Malaysia and Singapore are so great. Why are we doing in America?

Great for food :slight_smile:

Great for making money :money_mouth_face:

My first night in Penang (quarantined for a week) I was stuck since they said I had to go straight to the condo from airport. Ok, no food. I remembered seeing a pizza place in one of the ground floor store fronts when I arrived. God, that was horrible pizza. Yes, do not go to Penang, Malaysia for pizza…

Have you had Tonys pizza? I had Pizza Hut pizza in Thailand… was pretty good. Probably pretty hard to get good buffalo mozzarella in Asia.

I have not ventured back into the Fab 7x7 as much as I would have thought. I am actually loving semi suburb life here in San Bruno. But Tony’s in North Beach is on the radar since our family building is within walking distance. To be #2 in the world is saying something…