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Per your article dining out is bad for your health - I think ST fried chicken would be among the list of foods to avoid eating often. Every 6 months is not bad at all - thought it maybe like every week the way you evangelizes it. :grinning:


Come on, I kid…a lot (on the non serious, no RE stuff). But do appreciate the concern. How about I treat you to…some wings??? (j/k)


ST was better a few years ago. The last time I ate there was a few months ago and their most popular menu items - fried chicken wings / pot stickers / dumplings went down a notch or two. Maybe they are catering to their new demographics - whatever works for them. They are crowded as always even with their expansion next door.


Maybe a CRX and Wings night with the car guys!!!


I would have to agree with you, but I think the immense take-out ordering is the source of the diminishing experience to San Tung and their wings. Soooo much takeout means you have to wait that much more for your dishes. Not cool…








Concord, your housing prices should go through the room now…:grinning:





I thought it tasted pretty good and I hate veggie burgers


Where did you go for the Impossible Burger? I want to try it too.


They serve it at Cockscomb at lunch but a bunch of other places in SF have it now


Looking for tiramisu in the Bay???



The Costco chicken is so full of salt it makes me ill…They salt it up and inject water in it…Not very good…


Costco chicken is disgusting. Their BBQ ribs are good though.


Oh its not DISGUSTING bad. :slight_smile: Its actually somewhat tasty, but its not chicken. My main issue with it is that it is horrendously overcooked. The meat, both the prized dark meat and the white meat, is super dry and mealy. However, as Elt1 pointed out, Costco masks the texture of the dry meat by pumping it full of some salt-solution, thus brining it to death. The chicken is study in paradox — dry yet juicy at the same time ---- its just that the juice isn’t “natural juices from the chicken” — it is salt solution juice.

I’ve never had their ribs. I do enjoy their hot dogs. :slight_smile: