Everything About Rent Control

That’s funny…hey USC, can you “rent control” your tuition fees please… LOL

On Monday, the court denied review of the case, without comment or any indication of a dissenting vote.

Breemer said the Ballingers were disappointed but remained confident that the court, in a future case, “will ultimately agree that rental owners are entitled to real constitutional protection when government requires them to pay off tenants before moving back into their own home.”

Yeah, because of all them f*cking judges don’t own either and are residing in rentals signed up 20 years ago… why change now??? Wait until my old body is reduced to ashes inside that robe…

Rent relief should be sent to landlords not the tenants. The tenants will just pocket the money.

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The more the state squeezes landlords the the less money they have for repairs. Tenants are there own worst enemy. Rent control means less units available and fewer built in the future


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So…the landlords have to pay 96$ to fund the budget of the Rental Housing Committee who will then turn around and not allow landlords to raise rents meaningfully?
As a landlord in MountainView, you should put your property on Airbnb and not bother with all this shit.


It’s $96 a month? That’s ridiculously high.

Sorry fixed…its 96$ per year per unit i think.

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Come on, if I remember correctly (like I want to remember that phase of my life) Oaktown not only charges for the Rent Arbitration Board but you have to pay business tax on multi unit rental buildings like 4plexs. Is that the same for other cities?

In Oakland it’s $101 (up from $68 from a few years ago) per unit per year for RAP (rent adjustment program) fee (same as rent board fee), and all residential rentals need to pay business tax. On top of that, the property tax rate is sky high in Oakland. Technically landlord can pass on 50% of the RAP fee to tenants, but in reality you can imagine what happens when landlord asks tenant to pay an extra fee that’s not in the lease.


Thanks for refreshing my memory, @maluka

Oakland doesn’t make it easy to be a landlord. Why not cash out and invest in a slightly more friendly place?

Partly because of these, Oakland has higher cap rate to compensate for landlords. But on the other hand, these limit the upside potential in appreciation too.

Landlord business is more management of tenants than management of properties. Property needs are straightforward most of the time (well sometimes it gets tricky). If you need a new roof you need a new roof. If you need a new fridge you need a new fridge. Not much room to get creative there.

For tenants finding the right candidate is key. So far I have lucked out that I haven’t had any serious issue with any tenant. They are all people that I can reason with. Sometimes they get behind but they get back on track later, because I try not to pick the kind of people who would take advantage when they can.

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Why are these landlords still renting their houses? Why not sell them? Scare of the stock market? They need to be educated about S&P investing.