Everything On Home Repair

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Ok, @Elt1, didn’t know in Nevada you have 48 hours to repair essential repairs.

I don’t care what the law is…Try to find a tradesman to even show up these days…My hot tub maintainance hasn’t shown up in a month…said two guys quit…I need a drain snaked…My regular plumber won’t even return my calls…
The fucking government can make any law without any research…Try get anybody to show up in 2 days, anywhere

The concern of course is tenants who are a little too smart on the law and thus wanting to go for Uncle SLT’s deep pockets. I get it, yeah, getting quotes from contractors or repair companies around here can also be weeks but what can you do?

we should all go live in nevada
rent a house. buy a mini AC and keep breaking the landlord provided AC.
if he fails to fix it in 24 hours, sue him. even he fix it in 24 hours, break it again
continue to do that, 0 rent for life.

See my thread about living in South Lake Tahoe (I guess Nevada side) and look for Uncle @Elt1’s properties… He got money!!!

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let’s rent from Elt1, he got more money means we can sue him for more right?

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And he is older, so he probably would just pay us off to avoid long, legal battles…

Honey, pack up the truck for South Lake Tahoe!!!

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@ELT1, could you show us your rent posting? we got a couple member here would like to rent from you

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Careful I have connections with the Russian Mafia. And plenty burial of places in the Nevada desert :sunglasses:

BY the way no AC needed in Tahoe

if you have connection with russian mafia, Please hook up the russian bots on NO on PROP 10. From our media, they’re doing an excellent job on influencing the people.

Even my Nevada realtor packs a gun. They don’t take kindly to tenants messing around.

let’s remove the gun from gunowner first then.

So much doom and gloom lately @dioworld. Did your tenants or neighbors rise up against you (again)?

For sure, but it sounds like Mao Jackets are heading for Sin City in the Summer no less…

they’re leaving next month. it’s all good.


you gotta learn to DIY - all those people rip you off anyway, especially right now when everyone is remodeling. We’re in the middle of gutting our master bath and lucky to have my dad come out and help us do it ourselves. Would have spent prob 10-20k on labor alone

That helps (the dad) but did you see how much materials alone have gone up? Man, wood and paint costs are ridiculous. I go to Kelly Moore since I like their paints and mind you I had my contractor’s discount in hand. A gallon of normal grade KM paint was still like over 40 bucks. My god!!! (No, I am not using cheap HD Behr paint. There is a reason why both my neighbor’s homes have been repainted twice since we painted once when moving in).

I have used Kelley Moore and Behr. I like Behr premium

Really? Longer lasting than KM? Good, I hate Home Depot service though…