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The beams, the slab, the ceiling…could be 3’…could be a little less…Concrete is just the slab…6-8"

Concrete is prefered for residential, steel is preferred for office buildings. .longer spans, fewer columns


Using concrete in high rises was also not an innovation, it has been done before in cities around the world, going to bedrock. The developer (or the team they hired) was not open to this, stuck on the “way it’s done” in the bay area. I think they just got too big for their britches…


Some more details and lessons learned from the world’s tallest modular building…




Cool!!! Game changer???



Sous it easier to build prefab in tha bay? Do they help you get it approved?


There are certainly companies I mentioned early in the thread that have done it here in the Bay. If my wifey lets me, I plan to do it at our Fremont home one day. I would essentially replace the cute, but odd arranged 3/1 with a cool, modern design that I really like. Might be expensive but something like this would be sweeeet…


Long read…but essentially prefab probably holds more promise with shorter buildings than tall skyscrapers. Like anything new, you learn and progress from making mistakes…


Prefab still makes the most sense for remote cabins and big lots…It is hard to get access with cranes on small infill lots with overhead wires…


Valid point about access into developed urban areas…I am thinking it will evolve into smaller prefab sections (has to) that can then be trucked in conventionally without too much roadblocks (literally).


How much does it cost to plop one down with a helicopter? I saw some cheap land with access problems. I figure with the money you save you can buy a few ultralight helicopters.



I wonder if prefab is big in Seattle. Some of the newer stuff definitely looks prefab.


Sure, the land is the expensive piece of it but geez $80k aint bad…




Dang, that is one nice prefab house… def not cheap(er)


Anyone actually do prefab? What’s a good manufacturer?


It would take some city like Berkeley to pave the way (hopefully)…