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How does living in a small box equate to out of the box thinkingā€¦Reminds me of Jerry Browns line less is moreā€¦No actually it is notā€¦Vista Verde trailer park in Tahoe is trying to convince people to buy brand new 400sf one bedroom small boxesā€¦They buy can a used 1500sf 3/2 double wide for the same $50kā€¦no buyers for the 400sf boxes ā€¦no one is that stupidā€¦plus space rent is the same. $750/m


Well, there is still the ā€œgeneralā€ mindset out there of wanting a nice, big home with a big yard so that you can BBQ or garden or have enough space for your kids to run around in without having to worry about them. So, two or even three storied monster McMansions with cathedral ceilings are still coveted. Personally, I am already in downsizing mode even though my actual living space in my home is not a huge carbon footprint by any means. The reality is that future generations will have to live in generally smaller spaces like high rise condos. Hong Kong and Singapore are probably examples of what is down the road for cities like NY or Fab 7x7.


America still has wide open spacesā€¦I think there is a lot of resentment in the BA towards small cramped livingā€¦Most Americans have to downsize to live in the BA and they are unhappy. ā€¦I had 2 tenants living in 350sf in Tahoeā€¦they were always fighting. ā€¦This downsize movement is a passing fadā€¦Infact millienials are starting to buy in the suburbs, just like San Franciscans do when their kids hit 5 years oldā€¦



We on this community, and for that I mean our street, are kind of worried because we have, or we are surrounded by these huge apartment complexes and their tenants are parking their cars up to 5 blocks away from where they live. 3 weeks ago, this guy came and parked his truck, big enough to not let us see the incoming traffic when living our driveway. He left it there for 5 days. I was so pissed!

I donā€™t know who threw bunches of garbage into the plastic container on the truck they use to spray something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hate the sardine effect.


Well, because I live fairly closely to Safeway and a commercial district that is the pro and con of it. During business hours (granted we are at work) our neighborhood streets fill up since no one wants to pay a meter or canā€™t find one. At 6pm or so, streets empty out. The plus, I can go to Safeway in my bathrobe if I want to. Such is lifeā€¦



Wow, what more can I ask for? We got the marriage of two reg topics here, Google and modular apartments (prefab)ā€¦


Aah, the guru on prefab speaksā€¦


The government needs to get out of the way. BART expansion will take 10 years and $4.7B to go 16 miles. All for a transportation system thatā€™ll lose money every day, since fares wonā€™t cover operating costs. They estimate 52,000 riders per day across the 4 new stations. That is just over $3K/rider if the fixed cost is amortized over 30- years. I wonder what the cost per rider is on company shuttle buses. My guess is itā€™d be cheaper than just the fixed cost of BART expansion.


Keep in mind that theoretically a lot more people could then be benefiting from those additional stations then right? Who is to say someone from San Jose wouldnā€™t mind riding BART instead of driving to say downtown Oakland for work. Or, it could make folks say from Gilroy not mind driving to the San Jose station, park there, and then go ride to work. It really would open up the possibilities for folks to live even farther out.


They estimate 52K riders a day for the 4 stations. Are you trying to say the benefit is higher? You have to get on/off at those stations to benefit from their addition.


Right, I was thinking along the lines of just the benefit could be higher from having these stations. Yeah, I have no idea how many bodies actually would go through the gates there. Could certainly include some way out cities that we never thought we would really discuss on here for RE investment purposesā€¦


No building permit needed, well at least in Estonia.

Can put them in Golden Gate park. .The housing suitation is surely as critical as 1906ā€¦Besides they cost less than we spend per homeless person per yerā€¦Figure 4 per unitā€¦12k per personā€¦compared to $36k per person per year spent by social services nowā€¦Could have put thousands on the old Bay Bridge, or on barges on the bay
Too logical for the BOSā€¦How about one in each backyard of every liberal bleeding heart homeless advocate? ???


Yeah, I think I posted these awhile agoā€¦ come on, if we have these in the Fab 7x7, our wonderful Bored of Stupidvisors would ban them because flying rodents (pigeons) were accidentally flying head on into them without seeing them and killing themselves. Hey, two or three or four birds with one stoneā€¦


I was charmed by the claim no permit was neededā€¦The cost of these things is insignificant compared to the costs of approvalsā€¦Clearly no one in the political arena has any interest in solving the housing crisis or the homeless problemā€¦In fact a homeless crisis helps keep the POS in the BOS in power


Exactly correct. There are solutions, like these, that would work honestly to help with the housing crunch yet our fabulous leaders (not only in the Fab 7x7) wish to either conveniently look aside (in the developerā€™s pockets?) or they really are stupid. Take your pickā€¦



Interestingā€¦game changer???