Face Ripper Tom Lee

dated Nov 2019

Four big market indicators

  • Population trend esp 20-30, 30-50
  • High yield bonds
  • AAIA survey
  • VIX

Centre of growth for the next 20 years (from 2019?) is USA :money_mouth_face:
He also mentioned RE :slight_smile:

Who are in the 30-50 age group here?
Need to know what stocks you guys are investing in.
TSLA :slight_smile:
SHOP :slight_smile:
What else?

Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors raises his price target on the S&P, but thinks July will be a ‘choppy’ month.

Yes, Jul is choppy :slight_smile:
SPX to 4600 by end of this year. Currently is 4400+
Go for FAANG and tech :+1:

In last 4-5 days, sentiments suddenly have turned bullish. What happened?

Whose sentiments?

A typical year has Jul-Aug bullish, Sep-Oct bearish. Watch for a top (not the EPIC Panda view) in Aug.

Today is Jul 23.

Seeing very little bearish sentiments have for last couple of days. I think it is good to remain invested next few months. People talking of the debt bubble. Do not understand

Tom thinks interest rate would overshoot consensus.

2nd half of the year: Bullish epicenter stocks and FAANG

Conviction only 60% :thinking:

Don’t understand too. I find many of these analysis sound logical but don’t mean much.

Even Panda is bullish the last few days :slight_smile:

Anyway, typically stock market runs into an Aug top. Look like a typical year so far.

Frankly don’t get why bullish of epicenter stocks, they have been roaring for many months. Look at SBUX and DE. How high is he thinking?

Makes sense. I remember cashing out to 50% in August 2008 before market tanked in Oct 2008. But, the market had been on decline since Jan of that year.

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Full typical year. You should be able to verify that most years are typical.

A typical year has:

. Jan effect - 1st two weeks up because of tax

. Soft Feb

. Good rally into April

. May is the tricky month, and usually has a down draft that swoons into June

. Summer Rally in July with an Aug top because on vacation

. Bad patch in Sep/Oct

. Santa Rally begins in mid Nov to mid Dec into Jan

Face Ripper made a bad call on oil and tech. Should have been the other way around, be bearish on oil and bullish on tech.


I think you should state when was that. I didn’t read through all his calls yet so I don’t know what you are talking about.

I think Tom made the “long oil short tech” call back in May or so? It’s his most recent call if I am not mistaken. He is a skilled promotor so he gave it a cute name “epicenter”.

BTW Face Ripper has been on record saying Bitcoin will cross 100K this year.


That must be a ST call. Long term, pretty clear is Long Tech Short Oil.

In the 30–50 crowd here :grin:. I’ve been playing around with a health app called Noom for the past few days and love it. Usually I’m not an app guy (too old I guess) but this is kind of fun and working great. They are rumored to be going public soon at a valuation ~$5B.


i’ve heard its a more expensive weight watchers.

Just buy a Peloton and help out this shareholder.



You should close all position and plough proceeds to NVDA and AMD. Remember min investment now is $500k per ticker.

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Different investors, different styles. There is more than one road leading to Rome.

Rome? I am not a Catholic. Don’t care. Only one way to God, and is through Jesus.