Fang, ant, bat


As price appreciates, you can borrow more margin… do it… don’t worry, house prices won’t decline and tech stocks are sure winners.


I already maxed out on the margin. So no. However, what about you? :wink:


Just did a quick check… from 2014 to now, Apple increased from 100 to 150. Baba increased from 90 to 160. Cha Ching!!! Borrow on margin is the way to go!!! :money_mouth_face: :rofl:


Just decided to leverage all my AAPLs to buy a few mansions in Atherton! Crushed those elites :grin: Show them who is boss :hugs:


1031 your Texas properties instead


There you go! Forget about Austin. Buy that mansion in Atherton and enjoy life! :rofl:


I wouldn’t buy a mansion to enjoy life. You’ll spend a fortune on property taxes and who wants to clean a mansion? You start hiring people for all of that and you’ll be spending money like crazy. If you want to enjoy life, then buy a home that’s the best location for your hobbies.


Come on!!! Let’s not be cheap here. Why live like a pauper when you are the prince??? @hanera is more than capable of handling a mansion in Atherton.


With soft Sep almost over, market seems to come alive again… Wonder whether there would be a solid Santa Claus rally later (typically start in late Nov)., If yes, is buy, buy, buy :joy:


You’re playing piano in front of the cow wuqijun. Allow me :grin:
Not confirmed is double tops :grin:
If double tops, I would wait at $150 to long some calls :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well… I’m sorry that I failed to shed light on a frog at the bottom of the well… :rofl:


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +4.20% :grin: decline slightly from last week
AAPL. . -4.55% :rage: improve slightly from last week
TSLA…-1.32% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: down badly from last week, some1 should consider closing
mCap. .+9.68% :joy: hardly change from last week
sCap…-1.37% :cry: improve slightly from last week

IRBT continues to drag down performance for sCap. Shaking my confidence in IRBT.


AAPL -4.5, Tsla only down 1.32. How does that make you happy?


I’m just an average folk who is happy so long you lose, my situation is irrelevant :relaxed:


You brought the worst of human nature out of yourself… :rofl:


Your stats is missing your position size.


NTNX 5.3%
SHOP 11%
TWLO -1.4%
UBNT 6.6%
VEEV -7.5%

Weighted average is 5.1%. I’m currently short puts in UBNT ($45) and VEEV ($55) to potential increase those positions. Neither is below the strike though.