Fang, ant, bat


exactly :slight_smile:



FANG is immune to trade war.


Because they dont’ have any base in China.


Tencent’s two horses.


Go stallions go!!! :rofl:


WeChat + QQ?
Nowhere near Jack Ma’s eloquence.


Pony + Ma.

Jack talks too much. He even made a Kung Fu movie starring himself. Pony actually does concrete stuff.


I like flashy talkers more. And playboys.


NFLX fell for 2 days straight. Down alot today. @manch, looks like your timing for NFLX purchase is a little off…


My timing always sucks, so I buy in small batches over a period of time.


NFLX and BIDU didn’t get any GOOG halo.



Everything was up a lot this morning…


Sell stocks if you think Democrats will take over congress in the midterm election, says a Clinton supporter.

“Marc Lasry also says Donald Trump’s presidency has been good for American business interests and growth.”

The market seems to believe the Trump trade actions against China and Europe won’t last too long, Lasry argued.

Since he buys into companies that already have problems, he said he has not walked away from any investment opportunities due to international trade tensions.

In addition to running Avenue Capital as chairman and CEO, Lasry owns a stake in the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.


My avg purchase price is $320 :slight_smile: So won’t add unless drop below.



Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster expects a ‘divergence’ in FAANG stocks over the next 6 to 12 months

“I think we’re going to see in the next six to 12 months a divergence in the FAANG,” the founder of Loup Ventures said in a " Squawk Alley " interview. "Specifically, companies like Netflix and Facebook are going to kind of fall off.”

However, Munster sees a different path for Apple AAPL , Google parent Alphabet and Amazon, saying the “outperformance” in the technology sector will be drive by those three stocks, particularly Apple.

FB is likely to trade between $160-$180 for probably 6-12 months before resuming uptrend. That guy who hold LEAPS call at strike price $170 may want to be cautious i.e. sell if near $180 again… longer expiry gives the illusion that it is safer than short term calls but the longer expiry lures you into holding them longer than necessary. Financial instruments for most intent and purpose are not risky or safe, it is the psychology of the traders/ investors that make them riskier or safer.


GTC buy shares below $160 :slight_smile:

MSFT acquired GitHub for $7.5B in stock

you expect it to go to 160?


As per…


Miller on FB: Mark said fixed FB

Sue FB …