FANGMANT/ Manificient Seven + NFLX

On the other hand Cramer dropped Apple.


Is a challenge to come out with one common thing across all 5 yet wasn’t present in those that fail.

My best guess is LUCK.


FANGMANT: Only NFLX has not joined the club.
Market cap of NVDA dwarfs that of TSLA or META. How long before it catches up with AMZN and GOOG?

FANGMANT less NFLX is called magnificent seven.

Was reading what Amit is talking about…

stop reading after he said…

Typo. Omitted the biggest guy in town.

:+1: Yes, invest in big techs or magnificent 7 or FANGMANT easily outperform most stock portfolio.

Adam is a value investor who believe in asset light company so he doesn’t like AAPL, NVDA and TSLA. By definition, he doesn’t dabble with high growth stocks, he would wait till they mature and crashed for some macro reasons (i.e. not company specific reasons) before he buys in… work quite well, but need to be very patient.

Interestingly, both AAPL and TSLA have retraced 38.2% of previous impulse, wave iii. Highly probable that this is the completion of wave iv (or at least wave (a) of wave iv).

Who will remain in the top 5 in 2040?

4 months to go… only 3 out of 8 FANGMANT have made ATH in 2023.
AAPL, NVDA and MSFT :+1:

According to social media, growth stock investors favor META, AMZN, GOOG. They still believe asset-light high margin software companies trump hardware companies. What has gone wrong with this thinking? Excessive SBC paid to SWEs? Management quality? High customer acquisition costs? Software is inherently weaker moat than hardware because easy to be disrupted? Rate sensitivity?

Performance of FANGMANT since start of rate hike, Mar 17, 2022.

Joseph defines big techs as AAPL AMZN MSFT GOOG META.
He is going all-in big techs. All-in is not really all-in :wink: Just click-bait.

Tesla is not big tech?


Similar behavior for GOOG cultists. Win-win regardless???

Joseph vs Kris

This is not speeding ticket. Is DOJ want to win a big case.

Don’t be too happy. Similar antitrust lawsuit against Apple soon.

Putting words in my mouth. I am merely reporting.

Other than META, the other twos are so-so, about the same as SOFI, and underperforms PLTR and FSLY. SOFI and PLTR are hot social media favorites, if can’t outperform them, might as well do what social media guys do.

BRK hits a new ATH, meanwhile hot favorite mega growth stocks like META, AMZN, GOOG and TSLA are still struggling below ATH. Both S&P and Nasdaq have yet to hit ATH.