Farm Labor Needed. Only American Citizens Can Apply

Extra requirements:
1- 6 months job duration in Salinas, 6 months in Fresno, Lodi, Tulare, or the state of Idaho. You pick.
2- We start at 5 AM. I know you don’t like the heat, do you?
3- No whining like you know who! First time you start baby crying and you are out of here! :innocent:

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On one side, talk about love , equality, blame china for slave labor, fight for living wage .
on the other hand , fully support abusing low wage slavery for farm work.

As I’ve said many times, how do people suppose Australia, Canada and all of Europe manage agriculture without all those low wage illegals (whose wages are topped up by social services the employers don’t pay for)?

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How much do you think a high techie would like to be paid in this country? If I were one, pay me $10K an hour. But you know what? We live in the Capitalism universe.

Huh? They pay Obamacare. What are you talking about? Get out of your area mister. I’ve seen posters of unions hiring people and they pay health benefits. I am adding: I went to see this farm, because I am working with an organization providing from worker’s comp. to payroll, Obamacare, and anything related to labor. Good money! And I went to see this farm, Aflac has beaten my to the punch. They provide health benefits and else. And the farmers are republicans. On one hand, they take pictures with their current republican politician, on the other hand they are thanking God for having such a hard working people in their crew.

On the other hand, let me tell you something that may hurt you. My mother in law became a citizen. Started to collect SSI. $600 a month she pulled. Before I shoot my own foot, I have parents in that age, 80-81 years old. I am thinking in bringing them to “America”, but I said to myself: Why? To become a burden for this society? I don’t think so! So, she had too much of an entitled attitude. After beaching and moaning, she went back to her country where she died 6 months later due to her inability to take care of herself, something for what we fought here, against her will, and for what she was told to leave.

Then, I need you to go to any church or food program Wednesdays and Fridays. Look at the race disparity there and believe me, the parents of those picking up, sowing whatever in those fields are poorly represented there. They are old, beat up, sick people, whom to my understanding, God forgive me, shouldn’t be here at all. But, here we go! Maybe these people were working the fields 50 years ago?

Do I love mom an pop? I do! But my love for this country is greater.

No idea what “paying Obamacare” means. You pay a fine if you don’t provide insurance for your employees. And of course Obamacare doesn’t apply in all the countries I’ve mentioned - which, in large part, employ mechanization to a greater degree than we do to provide jobs for fewer people but much better paid ones and to people who then don’t need to be topped off with social services. Only the US, of all the developed countries, still has an agricultural system that looks like a page out of a Steinbeck novel. However, with new state law which in 2019 mandates overtime pay for seasonal work automation will be forced no matter what anyone’s politics are. Unless of course Trump gets his tariff on Mexican produce, which would allow California farmers to charge more.

They provide health benefits to employees. I believe, on the part of the employee, or any person in particular, $600+ is the penalty. Employer? No idea, but multiply that x 3,000 more or less. Those are the numbers some people working there have told me they use in any given season. 400 permanent, 2600 seasonal. They go back and forth from town to town making the best of their miserable lives, with money to buy things, or send back to their families, but with a life nobody of the so called Americans want. Hunger is something anybody should experiment before bad mouthing immigrants.

And, no, these people are not ignorant. They know their rights and obligations. They know about part time, full time and benefits like over time and so on.

Farmers won’t charge more if they don’t have the needed people to keep their farms going. I believe, and I hope, they are untouchable for the sake of the economy. Immigrants, legal or not are needed big time, now, not in the future, now!
Nobody with an inch of common sense would go there to work like a mule. Because they really work harder than anybody else. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it. Not for the faint of heart.

I guess it’ll make it easy to identify who’s illegal and deport them.

The plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty reads: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Nothing much has changed inthe last 40 years


Good luck “identifying” who is who. Will you be looking for an Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Canadian, or Russian? Oh no! Let me guess, you’ll be looking for a Mexican!

Anna Chapman (née Kushchyenko) – Soviet-born Russian national, who was arrested along with nine others (including Vicky Peláez, whose U.S. citizenship was “revoked” according to one of her lawyers), and all were deported on 9 July 2010, on suspicion of working for the Illegals Program spy ring under the Russian Federation’s external intelligence agency, the SVR. Chapman was later stripped of her naturalized British citizenship.

Konrāds Kalējs – Latvian soldier and alleged Nazi collaborator and war criminal during World War II. Deported from the United States to Australia in 1994, then moved to Canada but was deported from Canada back to Australia in 1997.

Reinhold Kulle – Belonged to the SS Death’s Head battalion, a group of concentration camp guards. He moved to the U.S. after the war, settling in the Chicago area. Following an investigation by the Department of Justice’s OSI, he was deported to West Germany in 1987. The West German government considered trying him but eventually opted against it.

Karl Linnas – Estonian, deported from the United States in 1987 to Soviet Union to face charges as a Nazi war criminal.

Peter Kenneth Bostrøm Lundin, Denmark-born man convicted of four counts of murder, in both the United States and Denmark; the first victim was his mother. In April 1991, Lundin strangled his mother to death in North Carolina and, with the help of his father, he buried her body on a beach at Cape Hatteras, where it was found eight months later. The following year he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the murder: his father, Ole Lundin, was sentenced to two years as an accomplice. Peter Lundin, who later changed his name to Bjarne Skounborg, was convicted of killing three more people in Denmark.

Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook – Hamas (listed by the United States government as a terrorist organization) leader, deported from the United States to Jordan in 1997.

Oliver O’Grady – Former Roman Catholic priest who raped, molested and abused many children in California. He was removed from the United States to Ireland in 2002

Conrad Gallagher – Irish chef and restaurateur. Deported from New York in late 2002 or early 2003 to Ireland due to pending charges in Dublin of financial misdeeds. Under financial pressure, he fled Ireland for New York, where he married an American citizen. He did not appear at his trial in Dublin in October 2002, claiming he could not leave the United States while his citizenship application was pending. He was acquitted at another trial in Dublin, and presumably free to return to the U.S.

Vicky Peláez – pleaded guilty to working in the United States as an unregistered foreign agent for Russia, and agreed to deportation on July 9, 2010 and to never return, in exchange for the U.S. dropping the more serious charge of money laundering and waiving any jail time. Left with husband (Mikhail Vasenkov; aka Juan Lazaro, who had long passed himself off as a native of Uruguay and denied being Russian) for Moscow but indicated she would return to her native Perú. Her two United States-born children elected to remain in the U.S. According to one of her lawyers, Peláez’s United States citizenship was “revoked”, but did not specify that she had been denaturalized. Aside from Peláez, her husband and eight others (all Russian nationals, including Anna Chapman) were deported to Russia on 9 July 2010 in a “spy swap”.

Raffaello Follieri – Italian national and socialite who pleaded guilty in New York City to charges related to the “Vati-Con scandal” and was sentenced to 54 months in prison. He was released on 25 May 2012 from a federal prison in Pennsylvania and immediately deported to his native Italy.

Lucky Luciano – American crime boss, deported from the United States to Italy in 1946

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (né Chandra Mohan Jain); akas include: Osho, Acharya Rajneesh – founded the Rajneesh movement; fined $400,000 and deported from the United States in 1985 to his native India.

I have a strong admiration for people who are working hard backbreaking jobs to improve the lives of their family but by allowing illegal labor/immigration, we create a subset of workers who have no voting rights, labor protections, etc. I would prefer a path to citizenship and some sort of work visa for those who are contributing to the US workforce/economy.


Given we are in the days of the internet & youtube & smartphones, what USA does on illegal immigration transmits all around the world much faster & to the farthest corners of the world than 30 years back.

Last few times of amnesty was 4 million.
This time it can be at a minimum 11 million.

When the 3 billion poor around the world realize it’s a repeatable pattern and hence the signal from USA to them is they will always be able to live in the USA by illegally immigrating there & will eventually be made legal, the numbers next time(when again a huge cache builds up to generate pressure) eligible for amnesty can be 3 to 4 times of 11 million.

The irony is:
USA already has a legal immigration system where 1.75million people legally immigrate every year.

On top of that children who are born in USA to all nonimmigrant visa holders + illegal immigrants also gain US citizenship status.


And they may be in this forum talking about that illegal immigration, but not the one used by some people as the “anchor baby”.

How about if we propose that anybody born to not only an illegal person, but anybody visiting the US, or anybody under a working visa shouldn’t obtain the American citizenship? The 14th amendment would be called by everybody.

There’s always an unintended consequence to everything we say and do.

By the way, hundreds if not thousand of stores closed today. Thousands of kids didn’t attend school. Thousands didn’t go to work.

We’ll see what the news say.

Just an example of what’s coming if immigration keeps scaring immigrants.
one McDonald’s in Santa Rosa closed because nobody showed up to work.

OK this might just get me down to the border to help build that wall.

Great. Americans will have to eat something that’s not as bad for them.

I came across this thread on illegal immigration (A Real Estate Forum hot topic) on twitter. I like his take on the situation. How about some effective policy changes instead of wasting resources on a wall and mass deportation.

“So yeah, illegal immig are violating law. Period. But unless you want massive police state and tax increase, you’ve got to prioritize. 13/”


And HBR recently listed some policy moves that could make a difference.