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What financial/investing sites/forums do you recommend? Now that I’ve bought a house, time to move on to learning about retirement and tax savings. What sites (other than this one) do you recommend?

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For learning, first is to educate on proper investing, i.e. Filter equities or ETFs or Mutual Funds, analyze it, then buy and hold.

Reading books is essential, at least few books


  2. Getting Started in Fundamental Analysis: Michael C. Thomsett: 9780471754466: Books - easy to read fundamentals

  3. Margin of Safety by Seth Klarmann (Only pdf is available freely at google search), hard to read, but worth 240 pages

Filter I use

See my yesterday filter,fa_div_o3,fa_netmargin_high,fa_payoutratio_u60,fa_pe_u20,geo_usa,sh_avgvol_o750&ft=4&o=sector&r=21

Analyze individual IR sites like AAPL IR, Google IR…etc - Highly reliable IR (Investor relations)
Analysis include Fidelity research site (after login), Morning Star site, Charles Schwab reports

All these forums are not even 50% right, you need to use with grain of salt

If you like ETFs, Mutual Funds, - better - better
Lose money with friends! - not so great
wallstreetbets - wild options

Most of the forums are not good, i.e. not 100% reliable, but you can extract good information from very few good people with decent reports

I just scan reddit, but like this person’s reporting - very standard on REIT buy and hold. Another good user

Reading - Wall Street Journal or Financial Times or Bloomberg news (all are subscription based) - nice posts

TV - I watch Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Audio - day to day summary, again use with grain of salt.

Good Luck to Fun Domain of Challenging Area !

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It’s all noise. How much you save per month has a far greater impact on the outcome than what investments you select.


Buy more.


First part I agree that has greater impact.

Second part is also important for growth.

The more we involve, better we are in future. The current market condition is anomaly, most of the funds are running on fear of recession, moving to cash position. If we pick right stocks, we get most returns.

In general, I hear you, but given our tax rate and the fact that we don’t really know much about any of the avoiding-tax accounts/methods, I think we’d better learn.

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Jil, she is talking about retirement and tax savings, not stock investing :slight_smile: Address the broader issue first !!! Best to start with a quantifiable goal such as the goal for retirement is to have a passive income stream that would grow faster than inflation :slight_smile:

The next step is to compute how much you would need after retirement. Need this to compute how much to invest regularly.


Are there rentals that we can raise rent 6+% p.a.? Actually need more since property tax and other expenses go up annually too.


Tax savings, fully with Marcus, how much they save is important, then comes to investment.

Whatever age may be, follow this excerpts from the book (The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After Fifty: Answers to Your Most Important Money Questions: Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, Joanne Cuthbertson: 9780804137362: Books)

The first chapter 7 pages are given here, for guidance.

Change $5500 to $6000 for 2019, Change $18500 to $19000 for year 2019

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Choose the best from here,fa_div_o3,fa_netmargin_high,fa_payoutratio_u60,fa_pe_u20,geo_usa,sh_avgvol_o750&ft=4&o=ticker

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By tax savings, I think she means tax avoidance/ deferred techniques such as putting in tax sheltered accounts, go for long term capital gain, 1031, first $500k capital gain is tax-free, some kind of LLC, …

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Bogleheads hands down. They are very anti-RE but have a simple, well thought out philosophy for saving/investing/retirement.


I’m over there now, but anything other than BH that you ask questions on? I’m finding the moderator to be OCD. She deleted discussion that was highly pertinent to college savings/529 just because they were getting onto a topic of race (and scholarships). I’m a bit miffed.

BH is for retirement savings, RE is investment side not on retirement savings.

First, fill up retirement savings esp Roth side, then work for investment returns.

By all means, RE investment is huge amount involved, less returns with full cash. RE returns are high only when you take mortgage leverage, but not for full cash.

RE Flipping is business, not investment

Full cash, Stocks are better returns.

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I don’t think we’re allowed to do Roth with our income… Only the kids.

Go for Back Door Roth. Google “Back door Roth” and fill up this year before you reach Dec 31, 2018.

I did back door roth for four of us in our family, quiet easy.

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Ok will do.

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Why are they anti RE? Are they only for index funds?

They focus on retirement savings, but not investments. Retirement savings leads to Mutual funds, etfs and stocks.

RE is investment with leverage, which is not supported by normal retirement savings vehicles.

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Money is fungible, ie money is money. I think people should have open mind to all sorts of investment.

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