For Rent < For Sale in Austin

69 homes for rent vs 93 homes for sale
sfdragonboy’s 3/2, 35 homes for rent vs 64 homes for sale

53 homes for rent vs 129 homes for sale
sfdragonboy’s 3/2, 53 homes for rent vs 95 homes for sale

Landlords rock. Sellers suck. Want to rent, pay up. Want to sell, lower your price.
Based on data, Austin is still the place for landlords. Buy cheap rent high :grin:

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Does one need to know how to swim to live there soon?

For some crazy reason, my wifey does not know how to swim. Come on!!!

Not at all. The fact that SF makes swimming a high school graduation requirement is even more crazy.

She is from Malaysia, remember??? Come on!!!

Does that mean appreciation is 0 this year?

I think the home values of entire Texas are going to drop because of the flooding.

A contrarian would be buying in Texas…Not selling…We are in the process of selling our Sugarland development interest…Have no idea how the flooding will affect it…But now is the time to go and see which areas flooded and which didn’t. .100k houses are flooded in a city of 8m…That means the vast majority of Houston survived a 500 year flood…Personally I think cities like Houston, New orleans and Miami should encourage high rises over single family…Build above the flood plain…Dont allow more sfhs in flood prone subdivisions. .


Which may mean the West becomes even more expensive as people leave for greener pastures…

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Another hurricane is coming. Buy after the hurricane season.

People, these come every year down there and if global warming is truly happening that means frequency and severity is going to really ramp up in the future. Come on, we just had a place get 50 inches of rain, and you want to go down there and invest? Talk about throwing away money. Avoid the South, period, if you are thinking anything remotely long term. A much smarter move would be to follow @Elt1’s suggestion and pick up a Millennium Tower suite…

You might as well say, the home values of entire USA or even the America continent would drop because Houston is in USA or the America continent. Houston is only at the SE corner of Texas.45 AM

Btw, my houses are 15-25 miles North of Austin downtown. I heard rainfall in Austin downtown is about 12” but my houses are in area where rainfall is only 1-3”.


Yes, but people might get a bad impression of Texas now. When the 1989 quake hit SF, home values in LA also dropped, even though nothing happened to LA.

Well, keep in mind that LA does get its share of earthquakes. For sure, we do have that hanging over us in the Bay Area (a massive earthquake coming) but relatively speaking we are still in a much better place. Hurricanes and the like (tropical storms, etc) come at the gulf and atlantic coasts regularly. Who wants to live like that? Imagine an entire region needing to go inland because of a huge hurricane coming. No way. I may be complaining slightly of Karl The Fog at this point but I will take that all day long…

Massive earthquake = one and done :weary:

Where were you in '89 when the big one hit? I was in a Financial District high rise that was full of glass. I was about to head out to go watch the Series. Man, that was one long quake. Never, ever, question Mother Nature’s force. I figure in my 2 story home (granted on sand) out in the Sunset, I should survive anything big. When I remodeled my home, I went ahead and did some earthquake proofing (bolting down to foundation, reinforced main beams with huge steel brackets bolted to foundation, and crimple walls).

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In that case, I should be looking to buy more in the northern Austin suburbs where many hi-tech firms such as Apple (yes), Oracle, IBM (idiots buy me), Dell (dull?), many more have branches. There are many non-tech businesses there, just didn’t pay attention to them since most of them are not high paying :grin:

I was living in my uncle’s home in outer sunset. It felt like the whole house was going to collapse. I crawled under the table and stayed there for a couple minutes… :sweat:

Man, Austin to you is like Antioch to me. Once you start you can’t stop… :laughing:

And think about it, it wasn’t even centered here. Imagine something like that hitting here. It would be devastating. So, while I may bitch and moan about the probable coming of soft story retrofitting for multi units of under 4-5 units (which impacts my family home in Chinatown), its probably a good thing. There are so many unreinforced masonry buildings in Chinatown that those pre 1900 buildings would certainly turn to rubble.

Um… if those buildings survived the 1906 quake I’m sure they’ll do fine… :slight_smile:

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