For you liberals on here.. your politics are failing you

Just so you know the LA Times is a liberal newspaper.
Time to vote out Jerry Brown and Democratic machine


Liberalism is an elitist disease that uses environmentalism as a weapon against the poor and calls all it’s critics racists. Enough is enough. The richest state in America needs to try a new path and finally recognize all the rules and bureaucrats are holding people down instead of lifting them up…

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No. This has nothing to do with liberalism. It has to do with the ever widening income gap caused by an advanced stage of capitalism. We should welcome income inequality rather than denouncing it. Equal income will only make everybody equally unhappy. So there’s nothing wrong with California… carry on! :wink:

Liberals encourage the poor not to work and deny them housing by rejecting or restricting every housing project proposed with negative EIRs
Sorry you don’t see it. But even the liberal LA times gets it.
Giving poor people an option not to work puts them down in a condescending contemptuous liberal way.

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Some people are naturally unfit to work. They are either mentally or physically incapable or just plain lazy. No amount of effort can change their ways. It’s best to just provide basic necessities to those people and keep their lives decent.

The poorest people in California would be considered rich in 90% of the world. Giving them up to $40k in benefits makes them not want work. Turns them into lazy fat druggies that are miserable and resentful. Work makes people happy and productive. Liberal politics is the cause of all the misery and resentment in the last 50 years.
I remember the way it was before this shit happened…


That’s fine because there aren’t a lot of suitable jobs out there for them anyways. Having an ability to collect welfare is better than not having such ability as well.

The attitude of I am from the government and am here to help you does not work… Government is a manevalent self serving force. Gives you free shit for your own good… Bullshit!!!. Even has a drug rehabilitation lobby that has in its interest to make everyone an addict. Sorry but liberals are an evil force
Remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions…


Liberal government is the disaster for the mankind.

Reasonable government is a way to achieve large project together.

Excessive liberalism is a cancer for America.

I’m a reasonable liberal, a moderate liberal.

To my follow liberals, extreme liberalism is dangerous. Excessive liberalism is hazardous. Reasonable liberalism is good.

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Most people can work. Laziness is not an excuse not to work. Hunger will make you work really fast.

Disability is very different from laziness. Some of the hardest working people are disabled–they are ready to prove that they are capable of achieving what everyone else can, they just need a job that gives them a chance. Let’s never equate the two.

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I was a conservative back home. Man! I thought we were so hard on people! But when I came here, Nazis and Pol Pot were children compared to the republicans in this country. They pray on people’s expectations. They bitch about being conservative, and oh my god! Don’t talk about running a deficit that they shut down the government. But when they are in power, they start sell their mothers and grandma’s down the river for a buck, which is visible now with the tax reform. And Arnold selling our state years back.

So, I despise many democrats ideas, but I go for the respect and preservation of liberties, something conservative people are against. I am middle and left when it comes to the majority of Americans being helped. You got to be in the middle, otherwise you turn into a monster, like the idiot in the white house. He used to donate to democrats big time, and when he saw “the light” of becoming a leader of dumb conservative people who smelled his breath, he decided that why not deceive not smart people? Now the poor guy doesn’t know how to sing the national anthem, can’t write, can’t read, can’t anything! He represents then what conservativism is all about. You follow him, he represents you and your ideas and your education. Right?

But, I think that conservative people should refrain from using liberties obtained and fought by liberals if they want to be that specific, conservative. Specially women voting now. They also should leave liberal states and go to the red ones, they would thrive there better than in liberal states. Am I wrong?

The funny part? When anybody bring here liberal writings trashing with verified statements the conservative ideas, crickets are heard. Or we have the idiot in the white house threatening the very existence of expressing what you think without any retaliation. He wants only the press that kiss his arse, like some of you.

I am going to say something somebody said to me many years ago: Sir, if you don’t like it here, why don’t you leave, stop bitching! :laughing::laughing:

Having worked with bunches of people, all nationalities, and in their own minds, they themselves discriminate against their own people for being from the South, or the North. Nonetheless they discriminate against others, perhaps only on the basis of them being educated, and educated they are because the casts they put on their own people back home. Then, they come here and want to illustrate us about how we should behave. Right!

I would say conservative ideas are not good for minorities, specially women of color, or women coming from India, or any other country, specially those immigrants who look like Black people, you know, any non-white people. If they dared to live in the neck of the woods, they would be ridiculed by the way they wear that folkloric attire, what they eat, and so many unpleasant things I could say here in the name of killing the PC culture. But conservative people wouldn’t like me to say non PC things anymore. But they cheered his president saying so.

Most of the dangerous people in the conservative side were former liberals. Somehow, their liberal ideas were OK, but their personality, thirsty for power gave way to unpleasant, racist and discriminatory people. We have a guy from CA that is in the white house supporting the piece of shit there. He was a stounding liberal, but since nobody paid attention to his racist and discriminatory views, as telling any immigrant to go back to where they were from, he changed sides. I forgot his name, he is a young republican guy who, if he saw any of the posters here not being white, he would ask them to go back to the shithole they came from.

And that shithole word wasn’t about merits of a person, but the color of the skin. They were words of your emperor. Same as son of a bitch, so anti-PC words you should be humble and proud to teach to your kids to recite every morning before starting classes. Then teach them the art of the deal. To be scumbags and so on.


The welfare cliff is dangerous. It rewards people for staying poor and teaches them to be dependent on the government for survival.

Everyone knows you can’t take a lion raised in captivity and just release it into the wild. It hasn’t had to hunt for food and doesn’t have survival instincts.

The same happens when kids are raised on welfare. They don’t think getting a job and working is how you survive. They think you survive by demanding more from the government. You don’t work harder to move up. You just demand more generous government programs.


Goes for parents and kids too :confused:

“California, with 12% of the American population, is home today to about one in three of the nation’s welfare recipients.”

“In the late 1980s and early 1990s, some states — principally Wisconsin, Michigan, and Virginia — initiated welfare reform, as did the federal government under President Clinton and a Republican Congress. Tied together by a common thread of strong work requirements, these overhauls were a big success: Welfare rolls plummeted and millions of former aid recipients entered the labor force.”

Today, Democrats would call Clinton a racist for suggesting work requirements.

“As economist William A. Niskanen explained back in 1971, public agencies seek to maximize their budgets, through which they acquire increased power, status, comfort and security. To keep growing its budget, and hence its power, a welfare bureaucracy has an incentive to expand its “customer” base.”

That’s bad. The incentives aren’t aligned with the results that are good for people.

“With 883,000 full-time-equivalent state and local employees in 2014, California has an enormous bureaucracy.”

That’s more than Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft… combined. Just let that one sink in. All the products and services those companies offer around the world. The state of CA has more employees.


The motivation to help people is natural and good. Problem is when bureaucrats take over. They have a vested interest in us all being dependent on them instead ourselves. The celebration of victimhood in America has created three generations of pathetic needy welfare recipients…

The LA times article was written by liberals. Their are no conservatives left in California politics. In fact in all the blue states and cities conservatives have been rejected for 50 years Can’t blame conservatives for the mess created in California and our big coastal cities. Democrats created the problems and will have solve them. Republicans can’t get elected in California. And thanks to Trump Republicans may be marginalized for years.
So listen Liberals. Your policy of giveaways and political correctness doesn’t work. Figure something else out. We true conservatives have no say in the mattter.
People forget Clinton was a tough love Democrat. Workfare not welfare. I was a Clinton Democrat. The looney left like Pelosi, Boxer and Bernie drove the Dems into a ditch so deep Trump got elected… They only have themselves to blame.

BTW Trump is a nationalist populist not a conservative.
Calling his supporters conservatives is incorrect. The toothless masses of evangelicalistic idiots that elected Trump are more bluedog democrats, aka Dixiecrats, than true conservative Republicans …

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The conservative doctrine is dead. Conservativism is a joke. Those who support Trump are the laugh of town and the world nowadays because they follow an ignorant, red neck in a magnifying size, a religious charlatan who never attended a church, who never knew how to read a bible, a racist who berates “black people” for not kneeling to the flag but the dumb can’t even sing the national anthem.

Conservative ideas financially speaking, in this state or nationwide are a failure. We have seen states taking the pass through ideas and failing miserably. Trickle effect hasn’t worked and won’t work.

Conservative people gave birth to the power of corporations controlling anything the government does.

Conservative people, speak against the munchers, while they are munchers at the same time. Just the act of depending on the IRS tax code via 1031, 401K, 403B, Prop. 13, depreciation, you name the thingy that makes them get ahead of others is an act of liberalism itself, or a chronic capitalism that is cheating any state of revenues. You want to be a conservative person? Pay your taxes right away! Show that you can make it without the government handout. No tax reform, no tax favoritism, pay right now!

There’s no conservative nor liberal ideology anymore. All there is out there is power consumption and obliteration of the welfare of the majority to favor corporations. Anything and everything is voted on how to make one party pay for the other expenses.

We went to war twice. And as economists warned and predicted, we would have to pay sooner or later that mistake. 2008-2009 came and gave us the bills. And most everybody paid the price, some Americans with all they have, some less, some nothing.

Conservative ideas are defended when they are against the other government, bitching about running a deficit, increasing the debt ceiling only for political purposes, but when in the throne, yes, who cares, it’s OK to run a $1.4 trillion deficit and increase the debt ceiling. Or allow the clown to play golf on our tab as if that was part of his job, something he berated others for doing. Where are the conservative speaking against this travesti?

So, if you want to speak about Capitalism, conservativism, and liberalism, watch your fingers or your mouth next time. If you, can’t make a move, without depending on tax avoidance, you are a muncher. One of those poor people depending on government to make a living. And, if you want to be a truly conservative guy, hating government, quit your job in government. How dare you work for them. Shame on you!

Speaking of democrats. They are so sissy. If I were there, I would show others that you don’t back down from your ideas. The next time there’s a conservative, or democrat hiding behind curtains to be nailed to the cross, do it. No mercy, conservative people are shown to be backstabbers of high quality. They are perverts, sexual predators, religious hypocrites whom never quit, but democrats do. Republicans even dare to get elected, even when they are felons before the public opinion, as Moore and now Arpaio. A conservative felon wants to represent the purest ideas of conservativism in the senate, read this…a felon Arpaio!

We don’t see Marcus the “I am not his supporter but gee! I will defend him to death” and his other pair of cohorts complaining, right?

Well, we can always count on @buyinghouse for some good entertainment. I honestly don’t have the patience to tear apart the opinion with facts. It’s not like you’ll read the facts, so there’s no point.

We have the worst representative of what you, as a conservative people are.

A president that failed all the tests for you, as a smart investor to trust him:

Travel agencies
Bottled water
2 cheats on 2 wives
1 cheat while married to the present hmmmm “model”, if a model works by showing all she has naked :smiley::smiley::smiley:
Can’t read
Can’t read the bible
Can’t sing the national anthem
Can’t write.
Can lie on your face and some dumb people take it as a words from a saint.
Can grab **ssies without any evangelical reprimanding him for that.
Insults most Americans, but kiss the hand of his master Putin. What a patriot! :laughing:

Conservativism in the white house or anywhere is a joke. What’s there is just mumble jumble of both ideologies. You can see how some posters here bend over for anything he says, or does. Yes, the guy who was always a democrat is now a conservative. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

If I couldn’t take care of myself, then I’m sure I’d want rich people to pay more taxes so the government could take care of me.

The truth you can’t handle the truth.
Call conservatives the bad guys. But the real enemy of the working class, immigrants, and minoritys are check book liberals like in Marin County… They will tell you the believe in liberal ideals… But they don’t want you living near them.

Marin residents often win fights to keep the county’s landscape unspoiled by large, new construction. The county, which sits across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, is home to Point Reyes National Seashore and many other natural splendors.

But residents’ long-standing distaste for development hasn’t led just to the preservation of open spaces. In this affluent enclave of high real estate and rental costs, decades-old patterns of neighborhood segregation remain intact.

When a Los Angeles-based nonprofit examined demographic data on wealth, education, criminal justice and other issues, it found that Marin is home to the largest inequities between racial groups of any county in California. Disparities in homeownership rates and housing costs between whites and blacks and Latinos were a predominant factor leading to Marin’s ranking.