Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


Technically, was a porn star…we all did stupid things for a few dollars when we were young, no?


Oh. The biggest star in China.


Um… I never did rob that bank…


For some odd reason, my wifey really hates this one with a passion…



Not sure what kind of look this one is… could be a hybrid… :rofl:


If I were a guy, none of those ladies look pretty to me. 范冰冰 looks like she had plastic surgery. I like this one for female models:


Errr who’s she?

I don’t like ice ice either. Too cold and calculating.


Dang Screamer-in-Chief, have you been living under a rock? She’s 周汶錡, a super model in HK!!!


You know I am not supposed to know all these hot girls as a married man. :smile:


Meh, my wifey could hold her own against this one…


My son says the model is ugly with a horrifying mouth :sweat_smile: it looks like the rest of her face has been sucked into her lips to make them bigger :crazy_face:


You guys are hopeless…y’all like plastic looking people :woman_facepalming:


All you people are extremely superficial and shallow… :rofl:


OMG, Gemma, don’t cry…much, much bigger things ahead for you, my dear


She looks like she’s about to kick my ass though. A bit intimidating. :fearful:



Is she your type?


I am young at heart. I’ve decided to follow the Korean trend. :smile:


Many parents brought their kids to the concert but some admit they don’t get it. “What planet are we on? I don’t know who they are but my daughter wanted to see them so here we are,” said Mike Capperauld from Brentwood.




I saw this reported on last night’s news. Pretty cool in that the mostly teenaged gals were not only Asian. Apparently this band sings a lot about issues that the teens can relate to. More Asian love!!! Nice!!!