Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


At first glance I thought this was a Bieber concert…


Bieber is for old people. K-pop is all the rage now.


That’s BS to fool their parents. How can they understand the lyrics which is in Korean? I still don’t get the appeal of these girly boys… :thinking:


They just like whatever’s hot…these people have no personality. This fad will die fast.




One of the gals interviewed was African American if I recall correctly… One can get song lyrics translated you know.


What’s your point? I didn’t fight in a war either. I’m just an average dude taking selfies with a peace sign. I try to be a decent human being but that’s it. Nothing more.


Geez, imagine if you were poor in China…


Great Leap Forward for mankind in only 40 years! War mongers turned into cute puppies!!! :rofl:


Hey Kevin,

Cha-ching, baby!!!


Why are you rooting for a criminal fugitive?


I honestly can’t think of an Asian American who has done more for Asian representation in many moons. Besides, minor offense in my book. His family moved when he was young, so what was he really supposed to do? In fact, he has done way more for Singapore after the fact that the Singapore government should kiss his arse…


I think Astrid is GORGEOUS.


Nothing wrong with it if you are, but I could have sworn you were a F, not M…

I keep replaying that scene in the jewelry store…


I am a Female but I can still recognize when another woman is attractive!


True,… very true


Gemma Chan has the killer combination of English accent, brains and beauty. The Cindy Crawford mole is gravy on top…


May not be the same as men😀 taste


Men taste = ?
Women taste = ?


Talk over haidailao dinner :grinning: