Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


She’s an adulterer. Disapprove. :-1:


Prefer [YouTube]Take a walk (YouTube)


What are some good romcoms you would recommend?


Can’t go wrong with any romcoms starring Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts…

Oh btw @caiguycaiguy I found my old notes on the pork cutlet place in Osaka (if you are still there). Here’s their website:



Just went there for lunch. My gf and I liked it!


Looks like some damn mean pork chop you got there!


That was quick! Glad you guys liked it :slightly_smiling_face:


The Astrid/husband storyline is basically the entire 2nd book, so that is why it seemed rushed / not covered that much, but I’m assuming the 2nd movie will cover it more. In the book version he doesn’t actually cheat on her, he just lies and says he does because he’s too chicken to just say he wants a divorce / makes him even more of a asshole.

The characters in the movie are actually more dimensional than the book ones IMO so if you didn’t like them in the movie, you will hate them more in the book.


Great job, ladies!!!


Food Highlights

  1. Singapore style ramen - Noodle Story stall at Amoy Street Food Centre - pretty good and Insta worthy
  2. Char Kway Teow - Lai Heng stall at Lau Pa Sat
  3. Chili Crab - JUMBO Riverside - good but def touristy location
  4. Hainenese chicken and rice - Tian Tian Hainenese at Maxwell - seemed to be on bland side, but didn’t try other places so nothing to compare it to
  5. Nasi Lemak - several difference places - YUM, loved this
  6. Laksa - different places - this was my favorite food item in Singapore, so good - liked the spice and sour combo
  7. Pandan Cake - random stall outside Gardens, delicious
  8. Fish Ball Mee Pok - Hui Ji Fishball Noodles at TIong Bahru Food Center - delicious, loved the combo of the noodles / meat and fish balls
  9. Popiah - had this at hotel and it was just OK, should have tried at a food stall
  10. Satay - stalls at Lau Pa Sat - really good flavor and liked the sauce too
  11. Kaya Toast - Ka Pun Kaya Toast - delicious
  12. Rojak - had at hotel - interesting flavors but not sure I would crave this again
  13. Duck Rice - had at hotel - more flavorful than the chicken rice I had IMO
  14. Roti Prata - have had this before, always delicious
  15. Fried Carrot Cake - I only had the white kind but it was really interesting / I enjoyed the mix of egg and rice/turnip cake
  16. Sugar Cane with Lemon Juice - had it at several places, good with lemon juice otherwise too sweet
  17. Mangosteen - YUM, best fruit ever
  18. Hokkien Mee Noodles - Seng Kee Local Delights at Lau Pa Sat - not my favorite, on the blander side
    I missed out on a few more items I wanted to try (Chwee Kueh specifically) but happy with hitting up the ones I did in the 5 days I was there.

Gardens By the Bay - went in AM and while it was hot, clear day so got good pics, went back at night for light show which was just so-so
Chinatown - nice area to walk through (on the way to Maxwell Food Centre)
Little India - didn’t eat here and didn’t really have interest in the shops but was good to check it off the list
National Museum of Singapore - nice overview of history
Ce La Vie at MBS - cool views, meh drinks
Tiong Bahru area - shopped and ate at the bakery there as well as went to the market
ION Mall - right next to my hotel, spent a lot of time there
Clarke Quay - walked over here one night after JUMBO, too loud and touristy to drink there

I got the 3 day MRT Tourist Pass and it was super easy to get around / figure it out - signs were very clear and it was easy to know where to enter, leave and what stop to get off of. I did a lot of walking too though because it seemed a lot of places weren’t super close to an MRT stop or you had to transfer a couple times to get to the right line from where I was at (Orchard MRT stop), so comparison with NYC subway not as accessible but way cleaner and more reliable. Also way less confusing than Tokyo system. (Haven’t been to HK so can’t compare), it’s obviously better than MUNI/BART.


Hope you didn’t spend a fortune too :slight_smile: Ion is super.

Those super duper food courts are built way before MRT :slight_smile: Almost every MRT station has complete amenities and food stalls, may not be the best but is complete. Guess you are too early for durian. Also, did you try Nonya kueh?


CNN publishing some real news for once:


Not surprising, and frankly expected. China people see Chinese/Asian people (total cast) in movies there all the time. Also, the people that wanted to see this movie already did somehow. Besides, for an ABC, I have seen enough Chinese movies from a mere lad growing up in Chinatown to now to know that China people wouldn’t know a good movie if it hit them square between the eyes…


The main guy in the movie is not even Asian. Kind of saying we Asian men are still not good enough. Why love such a rotten movie?


Saw it again on the plane. Still enjoyed it. Might catch it once more on on redbox


Um, he’s born in Malaysia. Where is Malaysia? Asia. He is Asian.


Now, if you want to split hairs (again) and say that he is not exactly pure bred Chinese or whatever I can’t counter that point, but, I personally do not then take the whole body of work (the movie) as thus nothing to be proud of. In fact, despite the MANY flaws of the movie (hey, my original post after viewing I said 3/4 stars out of 5) I and many others see the groundbreaking that this movie has done for all Asians. Why is it that you few can’t see it and embrace it as a small victory? That is the worse part. You very well know that our people (the Chinese) have a loooooooong history of being discriminated against in every way possible (especially by Hollywood) and so when we actually achieve or get the slightest example of progress you still have to be so negative. Whose side are you on, frankly? Sad…


Get the Blu-ray…deleted scenes/gag reel and the director/ken kwan commentary as you watch the film again is priceless.

Not to ruin anything, but one deleted scene I think they really could have included in the movie and it would have added value (I think).


Funny that people are still talking about this Hollywood hit. I brought it up the other day, and a big smile broke out on the face of the person I was eating with, as she loved the movie… She is born Chinese but has lived in Singapore Malaysia and Austrailia. Her comment was that it depicted a lifestyle that really exists in certain circles, as described by a friends. Appreciating CRA for entertainment is one thing, but for being realistic was totally unexpected :thinking:

The sequel is supposed to be set in Shanghai. Bet Chinese audiences would want to see it then.


Shoot, my Lowell High school boys got together last night for our annual holiday dinner and we talked about it. One guy who was an investment banker in Asia for many years said some of these people are real.

The hope is that Michelle Yeoh will not only get nominated but win the Oscar for probably supporting actress. And yes, she is Asian!!! :grinning:


What’s that guy’s last name again? Is it Chan? Or Lin? Yeah right he’s in the movie because he looks like a typical Asian. :roll_eyes: