Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


Poor guy!


Come on, we can’t have a wimpy, sensitive James Bond…


There’s always Bruce Lee…


Unfortunately, we Asian males have been holding onto Bruce a tad too long… we need a new guy


I don’t think I ever saw a full Bruce Lee movie, just random clips.
Shame on me.


OMG, never saw Enter The Dragon??? Yes, shame on you. No more har gows for you!!!




OMG, I just test ran the blu-ray and I think I may have uncovered a difference from the movie version shown in theaters. Remember the famous “bok, bok bitch” scene? Well, the blu-ray version is not the same!!! How do I know or recall? I went on youtube and that is the version that I remember but it is not on the blu-ray. I want my money back!!!


That is like one of the best line of the movie. How can it not be on the blue ray?


Going to Singapore for work Saturday for a week - excited to eat lots of food - if anyone has any favorites / must eats let me know!


Must try chicken rice (lunch or dinner), and chwee kueh (normally for breakfast).


Well, it is… it is just that it is delivered by her friend first. If you recall or go on Youtube and search “Bok bok bitch scene” you will see the version I seem to recall, which is the star Constance interrupting her friend with the line and then her friend responding with the oh, maybe not that aggressive line. Right? Unless, that was just from the trailer so a different scene was used.

Get the Blu-ray if not 4K UH version of the dvd, the commentary track disc where the director and Kevin Kwan comment on each scene is insightful. And, I haven’t seen the deleted scenes or extras yet!!!


DG brand ain’t doing so hot lately with the China folks…


Since the stock market is boring today I will spend some time writing this review. Saw CRA at friendsgiving last night - wow did this movie meet and exceed all my expectations: shallow, cliche, obnoxious…you name it. The review below contains spoilers (well if you haven’t seen it by now, let’s face it, you’re not gonna see it, plus you’re not missing anything anyway), so here goes:


  • The opening cannot be crappier. Racist hotel staff refuses service for the protagonist’s family in the 90s. Family retaliates by purchasing the entire hotel. WHAT? I’m sorry but that rubs me the wrong way. It’d have been better if the owner happens to be a family friend and have him reprise the famous apprentice scene with the racist staff instead. IMO the opening as is sends the wrong message to kids and paints the Asian American community in a bad light.
  • None of the characters are likable. If the protagonist and his relatives are supposed to come from old money then I don’t see it (they don’t have class whatsoever). Can’t stand the cartoonish acting.
  • The story between Astrid and her husband (forgot his name) is irrelevant, not to mention they lack chemistry. By the end of it I was like…why was this in the movie in the first place? Not a fan.
  • Mahjong scene: mother in law says the term “ga gi nang” is Hokkien. Huh? AFAIK that’s Chiu Chow (Teochew), unless somehow that got morphed into Hokkien in Singapore, otherwise it’s fake news.
  • More cartoonish scenes and cliches, the list goes on.


  • Yes there is actually something positive and that is the inclusion of the Cantonese cover of Material Girl in the soundtrack. Absolutely adored that song as a child because my parents used to play that cassette all the time when I was little; this version preceded Madonna’s for me. Was actually captivated for an entire minute during the 2 hr movie…bravo :open_mouth:


You are entitled to your opinion as always. I prefer black and white data points like this:



Who is showing his Twinkie again? :smiley:

The pervert in me. :rofl:


Ah now we understand.


She is a material girl?


The lyrics in the Cantonese cover are completely different from the English version :unamused:

Song starts at 0:57: