Forget Mission Impossible, I'M Waiting For Crazy, Rich Asians!


Being popular in America automatically means it’s good and everyone in the world should bow to American taste? Because to think otherwise is just absurd. Because, America is the greatest country in the world.


The D&G saga is overblown in my opinion. But then again Chinese netizens are free to call for boycott and the two founders promptly apologized personally in front of camera.

D&G is a stale brand. They are lucky Chinese people still buy their crap. I am sure they don’t really think anything’s wrong with the ad. The two are well known to hold racist view.


America is the greatest country in the world until China dethrones it… :scream:


It’s great in many areas but not great in many others. Not sure it’s greatest in every measure. Besides, being great doesn’t mean we all should have American taste.

I actually don’t mind General Tso chicken. :smile:


This is sadly true, and this observation unfortunately can be applied to nearly any other USA:country pairing. Americans know relatively little about everywhere else, and everywhere else knows a lot more about the USA. Americans are an insular lot.

I must admit - I haven’t watched many movies in the past 15 years - not since after having kids. I watch kids films now. But even then — showing my bias here — Mainland RomComs don’t resonate with me. I think its both the Mandarin dialect as well as the mainland Chinese outlook.

Probably because I grew up with it — I’m much more partial to the HK sense of humour and their RomComs - Even though my Mandarin is stronger than my Cantonese — Showing my age here - I liked the pairing of Miriam Yeung and Tony Leung. I liked the soundtrack too.


The only thing that doesn’t resonate with me is Shen Yun.


You still haven’t answered my question. Did you actually watch the movie?



:rofl::rofl::rofl::flushed::flushed::flushed::rofl::rofl::rofl: Complete over the top overexposure perhaps?


Even if he hasn’t, I guarantee you the movie will not resonate with manch. The acting and the story line itself are nothing spectacular. What is good about the movie :movie_camera: is that the humor resonates when viewed from the lens of western born east Asians.

The movie :movie_camera: might resonate with his kids.


Now, regarding Shen Yun, my poker buddy went and mentioned that there was reference to Falun Gong or some religious content that she did not find appropriate or appealing…


So, that is a major problem. If anything, I could easily argue that our Fearless Leader more so than I, has exhibited an elitist attitude by rendering comment on something that he has no actual knowledge/experience of. Right? If you watched the movie, sure, you are more than entitled to your opinion about it. All I can say in defense is:

  1. This movie was made for $30M and grossed well over $200M. Ok, since some people on here can “only” think in terms of net profit and loss all the time, that is an overwhelming success, however you want to slice it. That, is irrefutable.
  2. Rotten Tomatoes rating settled up at 93% although initially was 100%. The fact that this movie did not experience ANY drop-off in US box office in its second and maybe third week of release is to my understanding simply unheard of in the movie industry.

Yes, I agree there are flaws to the movie but again some people are failing (probably due to private vs public school education) to grasp what this movie has managed to do/express/start beyond its storyline. That is the important part. Forget about the zany, over the top acting. Forget about the less than Asian looking leading man. But, do remember that it puts us Asians in good light (hopefully) in the sense that maybe Hollywood would now be more receptive to Asian stories to be brought to the screen. How is that not a good thing? It is, a very good thing.


You missed out all the latest incarnation of the condor heroes story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and Donnie Yen very realistic and exciting Kung fu fighting movies.


While I totally love Donnie Yen, can the Chinese make movies more than just the gangsters or Kung Fu genre? What happened to fairly innovative storylines like Infernal Affairs that yes even Hollywood copied with The Departed???


The one thing this movie did was show that there is an untapped market in the form of movie-going Western-raised-East-Asians. That’s it. This market was previously untapped.

I 100% vehemently disagree with you on this point. This movie does not show Asians in a good light. It shows Asian-Americans and Western-Raised-Asians in a normalized (they exist as normal human beings!) light.

AA != Asian
WRA != Asian

Different. If you don’t make a point to separate these terms, then Donald Trump and the rest of fear mongering public won’t bother to make the distinction. AA have to think of themselves as Americans #1. Asian ethnicity, #2.


That is not what I meant by good light. What I meant was it showed Hollywood that there is money to be made from movies that cater to Asians here.


Not a romcom but I liked this movie:


He needs a good mandarin show,


Wow, they hate the movie and now this…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Ah, got it, okay, I understand you - thanks. I will be nit-picky and proffer to change your assertion to “What I meant was it showed Hollywood that there is money to be made from movies that cater to Americans with East Asian backgrounds here.”


Man, why does this stuff always have be set in some classical time period? ?!?!? :grimacing:
This is the last Mandarin Series I watched – from Singapore ironically - they have it on Netflix.