Fremont <1.5M still very hot


Did you see the property history on this one? Quite the drama over the years…As a big time investor yourself, I would have thought you would have appreciated what the seller did at least. Appears to finally getting the house at a reduced 560K and then in a matter of what 3 years doubles the price. Buyer, well, what can I say? I am not going to complain that someone was willing to pay over 1M for a home not exactly close to mine but close enough. We like price appreciation!!!


Cha ching @sfdragonboy now are you going to beat this remodel when you decide to sell and get 1.3M :slight_smile:


I definitely plan to remodel it before selling it. Makes absolute sense, right? Houses already around me are either been converted to monster houses or have done the garage conversion. Whatever makes financial sense and best bang for the buck I guess should be how I want to approach it when the time comes. Seeing any decent deals out there?


Nothing, all the fixers want all cash. I am all over the map. Milpitas, Daly City, Fremont, hayward, newark.

I’m locked and loaded and ready for fire and fury like the president would say. ok


Hitting Sacto too and Vallejo or no?


Is this a good price for this area ? The lot size is 10k.

Also the lot is zoned for Commercial office - is this a good thing to have ?


Busy street is a-ve. Cant get a remodeled SFH 3/2 in parkmont elementary at this price. Great deal if you dont mind the busy street. Might be a good option for adding another unit in the back and sell it ? Not sure fremont allows dividing the lots. Detached In law is a definite possibility


This flip came back as 1.48M (from 1.1M) and now pending. I think 1.48M might be the highest even for nicer part of Ardenwood area.


And its pending. wow. someone was mentioning we have a “real estate jam” in bay area, too many buyers


Nice, two more sales in the 800k range now in my hood despite average 6-8 school rankings…


I wonder good decent location in Union City could be better with Fremont prices change. First one is right on the border with Fremont.


Referring to primary or for investment? Investment doesn’t break even


Danggg… what happened here? Also, pending to sold in 2 weeks.


Saw this in person and had a chat with the agent. I knew this would go higher than the comps, because it has a detached 768sft 1 bed 1bath in law suite. Looked like it can be permitted and he told me city of fremont recently waived the fee for permitting the existing inlaw units. For a new in law unit they assess around 17k permit fees.
He says permitted but not as a in law. Income potential of 1500-1800 p/m.


In-law units are the future of BA real estate investing.


Separate entrance or detached?
What about double master bedrooms?


If I can get past my current addition project, I will think about adding a separate in-law in 2019 or 2020. Every year that I wait city increases school and park fees. Grrrrr…


Either? In Daly City it is separate entrance due to smaller lots, but Fremont or South Bay would be detached. I looked at one house in Cupertino with detached in-law and nicely laid out since it is corner lot.


Not so loud, our Fearless Leader hates inlaw units…


Yup, either way but separate entrances would be ideal. That is why I particularly like corner lot homes like my Sunset home. Allows you to have a separate inlaw via backyard fence entrance. In my case, I also have a separate entrance for the separate maid’s quarter. Cha-ching!!!