Fremont <1.5M still very hot


Gosh, so do I remodel Fremont home to 4/2 and then add a detached small prefab guest house in the backyard???


Not sure if you will have enough setback, from the property line. 10ft atleast, Yours is small lot: 5k?


Yeah, 5k sounds about right. Coming from SF, seemed huge!!!:laughing:


Wow parksmont school going for 1.25M.


This owner has > 250k equity in one year. Changing the title for this thread to 1.25M. Fremont is going up, up and away.


If people would have just listened to you and me about Fremont…


I do listen sir. Just no money :crying_cat_face:


$200K over asking. Low List price strategy.


$875/sq ft + $253K over asking. I wonder why Redfin estimate is $230K lower.


Ok, even a small fixer in Fremont gets 755K!!!


@RealEstatebull, what do you think of this one? Lot is huge!!!


Already hot home, it is a deal at this price, settle higher (do not know how much) !


May go for 850ish.


would you buy it at that price?


I would buy any home that needs work. Doled up ones going for 1M. Owner occupied I would.

For flip it’s a different criteria vs owner occupied.

But investors are surprising me with high bids as well.


How about this address @sfdragonboy? FWIW saw a lot of FOB Chinese not ABC at the open house.

All 4s…boom…


Holy moly, and the FOBs weren’t flinching eh??? Man, market is flaming hot!!!


My goodness it’s on a t-junction too…maybe quadruple negative is the new double positive… :fearful:


Sold! - $1.27M - $262K over asking… $973/sq ft.
Has two 4’s in address!
My guess is the owners are 2 FOB young Chinese origin couple with a BMW X3/X5(saw them yesterday evening from a distance) :slight_smile:

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@Roy321 Now you are giving away your exact address :slight_smile: Neighbors to these guys eh?

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