Fremont <1.5M still very hot


Mark Cuban lives in a 24000 SF house. Gates has a 100,000sf house…Bad Feng Shui? Doesn’t seem to matter to them…


They are not Chinese…feng shui is not for everyone…


Sometimes, it’s about the neighborhood too.

A close by Patterson ranch community has an average 3000 sqft if not above houses and touching 2 Mil or more and has the same schools and other factors. The above house is the odd man out in that neighborhood, all the houses around it are 1200sqft - 1800sqft and 60 year old ranch style properties. This is the only one which is built new in 2011.

It will be interesting how things change in the next 10 years that would effect it’s market price.


3600 sq ft lot


Redfin Hot homes seem to be up sharply in the past 1 month in North Fremont(all 3 good schools/min 8 greatschools rating).


6 days!! - pending.

I looked at the house, seriously I thought they might have to show another weekend because the owners haven’t painted or updated anything before showing. House looks better in the photos.


What do you think that will go for?

Surprised at this:


Surprised as in too low, or too high?


@tomato pls…fremont is poor man’s Palo Alto. High for the area


My palo alto is definitely not fremont :slight_smile:


High compared to this in same neighborhood


wow… this one is an amazing deal.

My guess is smaller sq fts are going up… and bigger ones should catch up soon.

Looked at the homes in Patterson ranch and they are great for the money. Great homes and Great community.


Not really…recent sales are 2M in Patterson ranch …unbelievable




The other one which went for 1.27 for 1305 sq ft was nicely updated and this one isn’t.

Min $1.2M is my guess… more likely close to $1.25M±0.2M especially because it went pending so quickly.


I was told their recent prices are from 1.5- 1.8(Plan 1,2,3,4). But I guess these are without upgrades. With upgrades prices go up further. Their Bridgepoint homes we thought are much better designed than the earlier models(more functional). Can’t comment on the quality of materials(look good though)

Other thing is it’s a GREAT community. Very few communities of this quality I’ve seen in the Bay Area. Wide roads, 2 large parks, 2 community centers, fountains etc, a creek running through with 2 small bridges on it.


This one went cheap. However, the realtor from “3133 Raleigh Ct, Fremont, CA 94555” told me that this house has a bonus room which was permitted(235 sq ft) which was included in the sq ft advertised & actually has 3 bedrooms. In the realtor’s view it should not have been advertised this way.


How about this one ?


I say buy in my neck of the woods in Fremont while you can…


1600 sq ft+ $/sq ft goes down.