Fremont <1.5M still very hot


Not exact, but yeah I live in the area. I was just driving by.

Mortgage Rates

I really like this one. 12’ ceilings and very spacious, everything looked good quality. complete rebuild in 2011. Wasnt in the market for primary. look at how much house you can get in Fremont.


Looks like a deal for anyone needing space. Great materials too.


move to Texas, Utah, Colorado, North Carolina, etc


Shoot, why not just stay and help make your kids’ schools better by volunteering and participating in the education of your kids? It is not that hard. A little goes a long way…


Who has time to volunteer at school? Bay Area families are dual income and both often have demanding careers to afford it.


Well, houses in my Fremont neighborhood go for high 700k to maybe 800k if bigger. I think a single tech worker can afford that mortgage while the other parent takes care of the kids. What is the next excuse?


Except dumb guys like me. Volunteer for elementary till middle school :slight_smile:


I used to spend one hour every week at kids’ school when they were younger. Stopped doing it now since they grew older. But I am relatively relaxed in life and was even a stay home dad for a period of time. I totally agree Many won’t be able to make any room during working hours.


What is the low and high range?


On Redfin if you search for SFHs in Fremont with min 3 bedrooms there are only 3 listed below 800s.


For people who think of sending their kids to private schools, are there enough private Middle and private high schools?


Pending in 8 days:

That was fast, Redfin hot home. I like that area coz you got bigger houses and nice lot compared to some of the newer homes.


This got sold for way less than the market. Must be because of no comps and the neighborhood and the high sqft.


Thats right. Higher the sft lesser the per sft. But its a steal as 1300sft are going for 1.3M


Another 1.5er. Only for 1600sft :sunglasses:

I had updated the thread from 1M to 1.5M twice may be in 6 mos.


Well the law of diminishing return applies after say 2000 sq ft. Unless you have a large extended family there is really no need to go beyond that unless you enjoy living in a large house with few people. Bad feng shui according to the Chinese culture.


@harriet that is interesting. What does feng sui say about number of people.

China has one child policy so Homes should be like HK style :sunglasses:

Also you folks are used to smaller homes being born and raised in SF…rest of the America doesnt think so…in fact my friend just bought a 3700 sft home as his wife wanted to match what her siblings have in other states


I like to get 10k and build 3500-4000 sqft home to live.


I am not the feng shui master but based on what I’ve heard it has to do with energy balancing. Take the AC for example. The amount of air needed to circulate a big room is greater than that needed for a smaller room. Likewise, you need more people living in a large house in order to absorb all the energy in feng shui terms. If there are very few people living in a mansion, they will be swallowed by the house’s energy due to imbalance and that’s considered a big no no.