Fremont <1.5M still very hot


Yea, Milpitas has its charm like closer commute to South Bay employers. I don’t think there is smell problem in John Sinnot area, but maybe a bit in Curtner area. I think that’s the reality that <1 M houses with decent schools are disappearing quickly. IMO, both Fremont & Milpitas with decent schools are poised for good appreciation. Fremont is better for commute to Penisula, but Milpitas is better up to Mountain View.

I feel like that’s what Union City & Newark are lacking in terms of catching up with Fremont & Milpitas.


Is owning rental property with property management worth it in Fremont?

I mean buying now not years ago.


Went pending after 2 weekends on the market. Key question now is what price it sold for.


800-825k is my guess


I had a quick peek of the house just out of curiosity.

Property did have Section 1 repair estimate of $11.5k. In addition new flooring & paint needed at a minimum. Almost everything was in original condition.


Ok, Fremont Owners,

What is your guess on final sold price for this one??? I am thinking 675-700k since pretty old…


Around 750k.




Agreed, that sounds about right. It needs some work.

I am still waiting to see what that property on Bullard St sold for. It bothers me that I didn’t buy it now…



You pretty much hit it right on - sold for 622k. Redfin is so slow…I got the notification from Zillow today (sold 12/9). House needed a lot though, at least 100k so again that takes you up to the low mid 700s which is probably par for the course in that area for a nice one with full disc/docs. So, I reasonably should expect 700k for mine then since it is remodeled and has great curb appeal. Not bad.


Speaking of which, here is a new Fremont listing at 740k that looks nice:


Good guess. Sold for 822K.


Oh, I was right about this one too, right on the dot. :slight_smile:


In touch with the market in fremont, haven’t I.


This month, one of our colleagues won a home in bay area. When he shared the home address, we came to know three of our colleagues bid for the same home ! Each of them became the competitor for any homes near by locations.

Buyers are scared by the mortgage rate hikes and feel that they will be priced out forever with higher mortgage rates.

Nowadays, people - long awaited people - are crazily bidding to get a home to lock into 30 year fixed !


Which area/zip code is this? I’m trying to figure out if there is a very tight supply for certain specific Bay Area cities.


Makes total sense if you have a steady job and it looks stable for awhile. Those fence sitters had to come off and buy.


I would like to avoid zip code, but it is Fremont area.


Appreciate it.



With respect to prospecting in San Leandro and Oakland outskirts, I still think Fremont is still not tapped out yet. Better clientele and appreciation is more assured I think. Yes, may be slightly more expensive but not much.