Fremont <1.5M still very hot


Can’t even get neutral cash flow in Fremont. Maybe if you put 40% down?


I honestly don’t understand the infatuation with cash flow neutral at the get go. Dude, better properties and better appreciation rate. Schools are much better. San Leandro…you can have it


Now this is a good buy at 675


Def needs a lot of work though. What do you think this will go for, Swami???


Ok, nicely remodeled and staged… sold for $910K for Sundale!!! Not bad, inching towards the magic 1M price point soon too!!! Woohoo!!!


Yeah, my place is not far away from the Blanchard home, so I am pretty excited. Everything in this area is selling well! Hello, @manch, this is where you want to be!!! My tenants just had me write a confirmation letter that they are the rightful tenants to enroll their lil girl. The mom said, yeah, a lot of people are lying trying to get into the schools even there. Caucasian family with bread winner in high tech. What more do you want???


Seriously want to understand , how the bolded part is important/relevant?


Oh, its not, I was just stating a fact about my tenant.


But Farwell drive, compared to Blanchard, has traffic on roads, less desirability. This is the main reason,in addtition to TLC, lower listing.


@sfdragonboy please do the math for me, how can I buy a $900K house and expect to have reasonable cash flow? I don’t mind being a bit negative. But not something like 1K or 2K every freaking month? Heck, even my kids are not that expensive!


Well, you can’t, at least around these parts. That’s why I am saying multi unit buildings have to enter into the strategy.


Yard needs some work, but otherwise almost in rentable condition and 700k…


Multi family is for cash flow, houses are for appreciation. .I built spec homes and 1031d them into muti family…It is the natural progression…It is how you realize the high gains shfs offer…The other method is to refi the houses and use the proceeds to buy multifamily, self storage, office, retail, trailer parks or hospitality …The former is more efficient. .


Backside creek/waterways, less desirable as flooding risk is there.Looks like probate sale.


Ok so what happens on this one should tell us a lot about the current market. Are you still anticipating that this will go higher than list or not?


Def on the other end of the spectrum (1M+), is this Fremont home hitting well above 2M, close to 3M…

Come on, you can’t tell me staging would not help this one. To me, being naked accentuates how dated the look is in some respects to the cabinets, etc. Should this sell anywhere close to asking???


Closing in to SV’s prices. Can admit Fremont into SV.


I def am not a Fremont expert by any means but is this common pricing in the nicer parts of Fremont? I get it that this place is nice and the lot is fairly large but nearing 3M???


The home you are mentioning is Irvington school district considered next best to mission school district,and newer single story home with bigger lot and bigger home, original sale price (year 2000) was 1.12M level. They are almost asking MSJ price level to this home.


Thanks, @Jil. So, def not worth it or should someone just buy in MSJ then (at this price point)?