Fremont <1.5M still very hot


The first one looks like needs paint and maybe the usual doublepane glass everywhere. 2nd one needs more work - the wood is very dated. But both seem to be good deals.


You called it @RealEstatebull…P E N D E D


Still on the market.


After 2 months, Bullard house is flipped for nearly $800k…



What? Did our Fremont homes just go up again???


On the rental market after fixing up.,condo,apartment_duplex,mobile,townhouse_type/25048150_zpid/37.581989,-122.014321,37.564778,-122.0408_rect/15_zm/


Ok, nice corner 3/2 South Sundale home goes for 840K, 105K over asking. Not bad…


I noticed the home came today on market and within 22 hours went pending. This MSJ schools, but looks like strong offer !


Wow, that was fast… PENDED!!!


on the market for 999. sold at 825. ugly remodel, but will sell for 1.05M


Fugly remodel indeed. But at least it’s done lightning fast.


Wow, we were debating to bid on that when sold previously. That’s lightening fast turn around.


Time is indeed money for flippers. Costs like property tax and interests have a time component to it. These taste-challenged flippers will do reasonably well on this flip.


Let’s see if the Chinese pricing strategy works out for this one…


Bought with $288,000 in 2012, wow!


Jesus! Where is my time machine???


2011-2012 two times relisted, then it says “Pending (Pending - Subject to Lender Approval)”. This means a short sale and many TFT (relisting) !

This 2008-2011 downturn thanksgiving short sale. Those who left this home as TFT would have regretted now.


:hammer: DELISTED!! :hammer:


Ok, sold for $815K, marginally over asking but hitting over $800k which is nice for us South Sundale owners!!! Great job Mr. Flipper!!! Sorry, you may have taken a hit on this one!!!

I looked at this one hard and it didn’t pencil out and sure looks like that was the right call. From the before pic:

at least $100-$150K worth of work (new roof, new windows, new kitchen and bathrooms, there were some floor issues, cracks in the exterior stucco that might have meant foundation issues, new flooring put down again, the fireplace was boarded up which was redone and must have required the chimney to be fixed/checked out, and new paint inside and outside and anything else perhaps wasn’t visible when I was there). So, honestly, not seeing any profit from this one after including the selling expense.