Fremont <1.5M still very hot


The building cost itself may exceed $900k easily as of now. There will be someone who may have money looking for nice home. People are there to buy single story, newer home at 1/2 acre lot nice school district. There are plenty of company owners having such money, they may buy.

Above all, this home is at hill side, def high demand expensive homes.

I do not have any real comparable in this area except one my colleagues looking home at this area 1M level, but he never finds a good home at this zip code for the price.


Ok, so sounds like we need to keep an eye on this one to see what happens. Just seems so expensive but like you said, good schools and big house = big price (i guess)


@sfdragonboy Avalon heights is very highly sought after here in fremont, Its gated and only 275 homes are there, so ther e is that exclusiveness to it. I drove to that community a few times, folks I know always keep an eye on this neighborhood.

Avg pricing is around 2.5M with some homes selling up to 3.5M.

I think with that lot size, views and BRAGGING RIGHTS its totally worth it!


Thanks, @RealEstatebull for the 411… Geez, that nice eh???


Time to move up to Union City folks. Fremont is done.


Now, I see Avalon heights is like Ruby hill community of Pleasanton !


List price of 1,048,888 Asian, def asian…:grin:


One more at the 1M mark in my hood


“A rising tide lifts all ships.”


Looks like that house back into the commercial building on Fremont Blvd. Not a bad price for that particular lot.


Small, but in Irvington…675k


Schools arent irvington


Aah, yes, I stand corrected. Near Irvington. Still decent or no at that price?


Nope, you get a proper 4 bed 2 bath withbsome rehab needed around 675.


Chickens and dogs go to heaven too when owner becomes a deity.


Come on, I’d rather have the 72 virgin maidens…:grin:


Yes, the old chinese number pricing trick…


How about this one?

3/2.5/1800 just over 1M. Does that area smell? Right on the boundary with Milpitas and goes to Irvington High.


you will have smell issue on this area. the rule of thumb is that u should buy nearer to 680 , if u r planning to buy it in warm spring area.


Couple of interesting new addition in Fremont:

850K - possible ARV 1.05M?

699K - possible ARV in the 950K?