Gavin Newsom Will Be President One Day


Mind as well put it out there. I don’t know, @Elt1, I think his wife is hotter than Donald Jr’s girlfriend…


Maybe his wife should run instead


Beto will be president first.


Beto is a loser
He couldn’t even beat lying Ted, the most hated man in the Senate


Texas is a freaking red state. Obama lost Texas by double digits in both 2008 and 2012 and became president. Beto came within 3 points. With that performance he could turn many purple states blue and win presidency by a landslide.


A mere Congressman has never won the Presidency. He has no chance in 2020


Trump didn’t hold any office at all either. And a moron to boot. Never say never.


Trump had name recognition and billions. Blumberg might run and beat him. Beto is a Latino wannabe. Warren without the tomahawk.
He proves that progressives can’t win like also in Georgia and Florida. Only in crazy CA, MA and Vermont. BTW Bernie got less votes than a medium sized town in CA. Why is he a national figure? A media hyped joke. 183k votes might get him the mayorship in Stockton.:face_vomiting:

This is my favorite election. In Nevada dead Republicans win elections. In Illinois dead voters vote for Democrats.


I mean, right? Tells you Texas is definitely not all there yet. At least Newsom has done a few noteworthy things and has some experience leading. Yeah, he may not go over well with the ultra conservatives but he is pretty charismatic. Let’s see how he positions himself (favorably or negatively) in the next four years when he steers the great ship that is California. You can tell even from his campaigning and from his speech that he is planting the seeds that he is opposed to Trump in all ways.


Newsom has no chance. None of the California Democrats has any chance to win. Also from the midterm results, it is clear that Trump will have the second term. There was no blue wave.

Who could win in 2024? Is it too early to zero in?


Let’s be honest, Trump didn’t sleep very well last night. The House is coming for his tax return or his head…


Mueller has had his returns for a year. He was audited many times. It is a non issue


Perhaps, but the Dems have control now in the House. They finally woke up, two years late…


If they spend all there time with hearings on Trump and pass nothing, they will be playing to his hand. And conservatives win. Stock market is betting that this congress will be the dumbest ever. Do nothing Congress


Clearly, The Donald and the GOP was taken down a notch. Let’s see how interesting the Dems make the second half of the game…


Probably Dwayne Johnson will win first. “ the rock” if he chooses to run since everyone loves him


Blumberg is the Dems best chance to beat Trump. Of course never underestimate their ability to loose. Beto with Ortiz. Dream ticket for Republicans :face_vomiting:



Oh, hell no!




If Trump wins in 2020 there will be several Democrats that can win in 2024. But who is willing to take the torch in 2020. Blumberg is their best bet. Biden is too old. Warren is a wacko. The rest are too young and untested.