Gavin Newsom Will Be President One Day


Blue wave is real. The popular vote tally seems to show D+8 or even 9. That’s bigger than any recent wave. Republicans have structural advantage with the gerrymandering from 2010 and rural votes. But given enough D votes that can be overcome. State governments that have turned blue last night will also gerrymander to the D side come 2020.

Dems voted because they all hate trump. Pelosi needs to give some answer to the base. Expect firework.


The Congress can do nothing but have hearings. The Senate will get another Judge or two. Nancy will come off as shrill and ineffective and will have to retire in 2020.


Well, yes and no. Come on, how much of a wave do you have when the GOP picked up actually in the Senate (or according to the latest counts)??? If the Dems were really going to make an impact, I would have expected a win in the Senate too. Didn’t happen…


Only 1/3 of senate seats were on the ballot, and very bad map for the Dems.


Nancy will try to pass health care and immigration reform only to be shot down in the senate or vetoed. She has got nothing but endless hearings that have already been tried in the press and lost.


Come on, excuses from the Dems again??? Dems had their chance again and floundered. Plain and simple.


I never really liked the two party system (but I am not about to wear a Mao jacket either). You always end up split and then nothing construction gets passed. Yes, that means you have to compromise and work things out but still…


So 1/3 of senate were voted on and Dems lost some shitty red states like North Dakota, but you ignored 100% of the House votes that showed nice Dem pickup? Really?

Another way to look at it is that economy is doing well, unemployment is at decade low and Reps still lost the house. Imagine when the economy is less strong?


Stocks are betting nothing changes. Maybe Congress should take a two year vacation.


Did I not say yes and no to everyone’s statement that it was a wave? Must I post the definition of a wave? TO ME, a wave is huge and crashing and nothing stops it. Was that what happened last night? NO!!!


McClintock won. No blue wave in Tahoe


Here, Fearless Leader. A “reasonable” take on whether it was a blue wave or not. Like I said, yes and no…


Measure T passed in Tahoe. No more vacation rentals.
Means higher hotel prices. Not a blue or red issue


Interesting. What is the history or background as to why this passed now? Isn’t vacations and vacation renting what Tahoe is all about?


Vrbo and Aibnb have disrupted the industry. Anti sentiment world wide. San DiegoSanta Cruz Carmel have tried bans. Paris Barcelona and Venice are considering them. I sold my VHR in Nevada. Vacationers are difficult tenants and have pissed off too many locals. Noise, garbage parking traffic. Wait till the next recession and we will be begging for more tourists.
There is a loophole. Locals can vacation rent up to 30 days a year. Nightmare to enforce. Who is a local? How can the police know if the tenant is a friend or paid vacationer. How will they count the 30 days?


I don’t know, to a certain degree, I have to accept all of the tourist nonsense since I live in the Fab 7x7. It comes with the territory. I or those folks in Tahoe can certainly move down the mountain if they don’t like the noise. It is not like Tahoe has a very diversified economy to just say no to tourists.


I agree. But all my old fart friends are selfish nimbyies.
This is becoming a retirement community and we are pulling up the gangplank. Welcome to Tahoe now go home group.


There was an 8% vote change in Democrats favor in this election from last. That does not bode well for Republicans in 2020.


I could have used some of that, last time…




How much was the change in 2010? And Obama still won re-election.

Comparing with similar midterm years, GOP fared a lot better yesterday. I think Trump has solidified his support, the big senate win should be credited to him. House loss is expected and it would be impossible for the same party to keep presidency, senate and House during a midterm election. He probably retired Ryan and his focus was on senate and Ryan was given up long time ago. Ryan was probably a secret never trump.

Also Pelosi has become friendly with Trump. Trump is a centrist, I think Pelosi and Feinstein are pretty smart. Trump is saying that he will help Pelosi to become the speaker of the house.

With Dem takes over the House, the resistance movement has ended since resistance is only useful when Dem lost 100% of the power.

Even media may become more friendly to Trump.

Also I think the worst enemy for Dem is DSA, not GOP. Dem and GOP are brothers and they look a lot like each other. DSA is a communist organization, let’s see what Pelosi will deal with DSA.