Gavin Newsom Will Be President One Day


If Newsom runs for president I’d vote for him.


I will vote for Newsom for president as well but he’ll lose despite my vote.


I think he has a decent chance for 2024.


No, I don’t think so. Midwest Dems have no appetite for him


I thought that was a blue issue. The argument being vacation rentals lower regular rental inventory and drive up rents.


So did people say about Hillary…


Well, one step at a time. Gavin is in a good position. And Hillary would have won if everyone did their job and voted with the fervor like this past mid-term.


Only that Hillary+Bill+DemocraticParty did not realize it twice(2008 & 2016) :slight_smile:

First time might be a chance.


Gavin is a nobody nationally. He’ll fail the primary miserably. When the rest of the country refers to us as “San Francisco liberals”, how can a real san francisco liberal win the presidency?


He is Nancy’s nephew.


I suppose that is fair to say that about a true liberal, so I am suggesting that Gavin will need to start appealing or showing more moderate tendencies and ideas if he has the WH as the next goal. He has everything else, the looks, good oracle skills, the family is pretty ideal in the Kennedy looking way, and again keep in mind that the other side’s performance matters too right? If the GOP falters, it makes it that much easier for Demos to come in.


The blues use the housing issue as a red herring. It is really about nimbyies and the fact that a lot of tourists act badly. VRHs have been in Tahoe for 80 years. But the behavior today of tourists and locals too has gotten much less civil.
Showing up with more people than allowed. Loud parties all night. Beer pong in the front yard. Some tourists and locals too, act like pigs. So now after many strict laws, the draconian measure of a ban was voted in.


Is there any legal issues there? Any violation of private property rights?

But you need to worry about property value decline. Many BA folks own vacation home in Tahoe and this will make it much more unaffordable.


Yes. The lawsuits are next. The measure T was poorly written. There is plenty of issues for the lawyers to have a field day. A current moratorium has already knocked down prices on high end homes.

Similar measure passed in Pacific Grove

A similar citizen-led measure appeared headed toward passage in Pacific Grove, another major tourist destination. Measure M, which would restrict short-term rentals from most of Pacific Grove, had won 58 percent of the vote by the end of Tuesday.


The votes aren’t all counted. Now 25 more yes than no votes only. 1000 votes still not counted


Latest Democratic poll. Newsom isn’t on it


If you want a perfect souffle, it takes time…


Ok, starts off by pleasing the ladies…


Come on, I just got the job…