Gavin Newsom Will Be President One Day


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In congress, there are about 80+ women on the democratic side, about 13 on the other.

That tells you that there’s a party, supported by dumb, really dumb women, voting against their self interests. Women who were called pigs and dogs and bleeding from somewhere, or they are “beaches” because all we men need to do is just throw ourselves on top of them because we are stars.

And, we have the most pathetic, lying, conniving, cry baby president ever whose ideas, racist ideas, reflect those of some posters on this forum. They can’t conceive the idea that this country is growing in a diverse atmosphere, and that air is drowning their racist, and regressive ideas.

What’s funny is to see a party hating gays, minorities, dark or brown people…well, being supported by those brown or minorities. Specially women, the worse of the bunch.

The idiot in the white house, against his unfulfilled promise of Mexico paying for the wall, is hurting millions of Americans and he is going to declare an “emergency” at the border. Lots of voters for the democratic party being made right there.

That is done while he is cutting Medicare, Social Security benefits to benefit the rich corporations and billionaires with tax cuts, well they said “no thanks, but we will take them”. Thus, increasing our national debt.

'murica! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


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a statewide single-payer health care system; universal preschool; 3.5 million new housing units by 2025; an energy grid run solely on renewables; and a state bank dedicated to financing infrastructure projects, small businesses and a burgeoning marijuana industry.

The danger for Newsom (and for the Democrats rooting for him) is that the last time California was a national symbol of anything, it was as a failure of progressive governance. Before Brown took office, in the teeth of the Great Recession, California was $27 billion in debt, with the worst credit rating of any state in the nation, and unemployment hovered above 12 percent.

It’s debatable how much blame Sacramento deserved; with its disproportionate reliance on tax revenues from über-wealthy coastal types, recessions always hit California especially hard. But that didn’t stop national conservatives, and eventually the media at large, from lampooning the state as “the next Greece” — a liberal fantasyland that had spent its way to the brink of collapse. And it won’t stop the next recession from having a similarly outsize effect on California’s fortunes.

Already, in the earliest days of their new term, California legislators have proposed $40 billion in new spending, and Newsom himself has floated a plan to extend the state’s paid family leave program from six weeks to six months for all California residents — the most generous policy in the nation. What Newsom has not floated, at least not yet, is a sustainable way to pay for such an extension.

He pledged to launch a “Marshall Plan for affordable housing”; to provide “sanctuary to all who seek it”; to ensure “fair pay” for “working people”; and to offer “guaranteed health care for all Californians.” Within hours, Newsom was on Facebook, directing state officials to set up the nation’s largest single-purchaser system for prescription drugs and revealing that his budget, to be unveiled in full later this week, would reinstate Obamacare’s individual mandate and increase subsidies for families making as much as $150,000. He also said he would ask the legislature to allow all undocumented immigrants under 26 to participate in the state’s Medicaid plan.


Question - Did Newsom promise - “No new taxes”?


Umm, what new or higher taxes are going to be required to pay for all of that?


Gavin - “But CA will be heaven going forward…, we will pay public pensions which are unfunded with increased tax too… and no CA won’t be hit with a recession”


Taxes are on the ballots, right? So, “we the people” decide with our votes if we want them or not, right?

Don’t get it? Don’t want it?

Well, if you don’t like it, as I was told once on this forum, “I hope your country of origin takes you back”

Flagging in 1,2,3 by the PC liberals on this forum. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Btw, this is nytimes, so they are kinda… biased…


Uh oh, a kid literally in the candy store…

Focus, Gavin, focus…you’re a businessman remember???


It’s interesting some people oppose a Bernie or a Elizabeth Warren at the Center while supporting a Gavin Newsom at the state/CA level.


Well, for me, I am hoping that because Gav is/was a businessman he would at least consider that side of it on his decisions/acts. He may very well not, I get it…


He is a politician now… and he will get rich just like Nancy’s husband has…


Again, at least he toiled as a business owner, unlike the others who just want everything for nothing…


We’ll find out what happens to CA when recession eventually hits :slight_smile:, with high costs and high taxes…



Seems ok, no???


What specifically?


Well, the fact that he is spreading the moola around and even adding to the rainy day fund. For someone with no kids, I get the importance of funding our educational systems adequately. I also like how he wants to not give any more money to those cities that do not meet their housing goals.


Newsom is actually pretty middle of the road for me. May not be as fiscally conservative as Brown but he’s not Brown and entitled to his own ideas.

Brown hasn’t done enough on the housing front. This idea from newsom is not bad: