Genomics Stocks

Here is reddit profit using AMRS !!

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Massacre of genomics.

My holdings,
ARKG - 30 shares, very RED.
CRSP - 100 shares, very RED.
NVTA - 200 shares, very RED.
TWST - 100 shares, very RED.
MRNA - very RED.
REGN - very RED. Today is very green?

TDOC - Sold in time.

Biotech is a burial ground

Even AAPL got hit 17% not because of AAPL mistake, but market correction, do you agree or not?

My genomics stocks are UP like crazy.

Another good day.



Nice! I’m long TMDX and DMTK. I rode the last run-up and sold but after a recent correction, I loaded heavy. I’ll go in/out though via up/down cycle. Very speculative for both so volatility will be huge. I don’t think TMDX is a 10 bagger though.

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10-bagger is no longer exciting, so many stocks shot up by 10x over the last few years. Look for 100-baggers :slight_smile: like AAPL AMZN TSLA.

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friend in Apple asked me to buy more Apple shares as AR/ VR projected to be next big thing

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Is the reason why I am buying U :slight_smile:


Blindly follow Cathie into IONS would be disastrous. Better look at the technical first. Cathie’s EW guy is not that good or Cathie over-rules him.

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 4.44.32 PM

Never buy biotech on a Monday or any other day
The analysis found that 53% of biotechs and 51% of nonbiotechs failed to maintain their IPO market value, while both groups generated similar amounts of shareholder value. … "Despite the extraordinary performance of the biotech sector in recent years, biotech is still often portrayed as a high-risk investment.Jan 7, 2021

The biotech industry tends to attract investors when it is most overvalued and scares investors when it provides the most opportunity," says Dr. Selena Chaisson, director of health care investments at Bailard, a boutique wealth and asset manager based in San Francisco.Jan 29, 2021

CRSP, NVTA and TWST dominate ARKG? How come all move in tandem?

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Healthcare stocks that I owned :slight_smile: Some crater, some mooning.


From Mar 8…

Day of the genomics stocks…

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 8.41.33 AM

Finally, Cathie didn’t fail me… is like riding a roller coaster…

Recency bias, TDOC is a bad stock. However, from IPO, it is trading at more than 6x of IPO price of $19 about 6 years ago. EW-wise, trading at 61.8% retracement of Cycle degree wave I. Norm for wave II is 38.2%-61.8%, completed?