Getting Hot

Except our beloved Bay Area… If you think people like mild weather, load up on Bay Area real estate… :slight_smile:

By the way Miami will be submerged in sea by then. Avoid. Texas is also getting scorched. Avoid also.

I have held the theory for the longest time that the west side coastal neighborhoods/cities like the Sunset or Pacifica may one day be so desired due to the more mild climate (when everywhere else is baking in triple digits). Hey, the Sunset homes are “hotter” than ever and moving like hot cakes…

Miami should ready be up under water based on models. It isn’t. The earth stopped warming quite awhile ago. Just this summer an expedition to prove global warming got stuck in ice. Their whole point was to prove the ice was gone. This whole thing is just a scam for governments to raise business taxes to fund more wasteful government projects.

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I have the same feelings about terrorism and constant intervention in other nations’ domestic affairs. Governments and military have a tendency to grow uncontrollably because they do not need to earn. We all know how hard it is to earn one penny from another person.

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Louisiana is already under water. Just this winter an expedition to disprove global warming got stuck in the mud. Their whole point was to prove the ice was still there. This whole thing is just a scam for businesses to externalize their costs onto society at large.

And, Vallejo has been no better this summer. Wind and cold. When I left Antioch this afternoon, it was 84. When I got to Vallejo 30 minutes later, it was 67.

I think I’m getting schizophrenic. :open_mouth:

Higher inland temperatures will increase the sea breeze. So if the ocean warms, SF will get a nice warm breeze, but it will be strong wind. As it is now, SF gets a cold breeze.

Does that analysis account for the sun’s cyclic activity? I hear we’re supposed to be at a low for sunspots this year.

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This NYT article goes to details about the study behind the infographics

I don’t know what factors they consider, but since it’s a pretty long term prediction, I bet they consider a wide host of factors.

Our weather will continue to be mild, but will also get dryer. Water will be a bigger and bigger problem. Another excuse for anti-growth people to stop every and all development…

This seems to be a net positive for house prices in the bay area.

I think we’ll always have enough water to hydrate and bathe people. Even with desalination, it’s not that expensive compared to, say, what the average Californian spends on gas. But it will be cost prohibitive to have a lawn.

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Agriculture is the biggest user of water. Maybe we should not grow almond on arid land like the Central Valley. Yes, I agree. We should always have enough water for people use.


The anti growth people have nothing but excuses…But all it has done for them is guarentee their kids will have to move out of state…Pretty shortsighted for people with kids to be anti growth. My sister moved out 35 years ago…a lot more will, but the newcomers keep coming…Not matter how difficult the nimbys make it for all of us, they cant stop migration, it is Federal issue they have no control over…

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There is such a glut of almonds they created almond milk, alll subsidized by the rest of us…The few growersin the San Juaquin valley figured out how to steal all the water. .They followed the lead of The King of Cotton who had Jerrys father in his hip pocket…In the 70’s lower highway 5 was just sand and tumble weeds…now it all orchards, irrigated with free water, belonging to all of us…


The worst is that most of this water usage is NOT metered and cost nothing to the farmers. We don’t know how much they use, and their usage is counted in terms of acre feet. When you and I are counting water usage in gallons the big farms are soaking their 10 acre farms in feet of water…

I say charge the farmers money for their water. Then they will know the folly of planting almond trees in desert.

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I specifically avoid California rice.

Why not?

So does Vallejo at the mouth of the SF Bay where the breeze blows up into that super heated valley with it’s lower air pressures than the ocean air.

This has been one dismal summer here on the shores of the Carquinez Straits due to the influence of the ocean air as well as the strong winds blowing straight up to Sacramento!

They do charge them. But, it’s subsidized by all of us.

And, pumping ground water is costly.

Alfalfa, rice, cotton, almonds. None of these would be farmed in the great central valley without subsidized water. But, experts have been saying that for nearly 100 years. Hell, many books have been written about it. Is anyone familiar with Cadillac Desert?

It has been perfect weather in Tahoe this summer…70s and 80s no thunderstorms. .Hot in Sac and miserably cold and foggy in SF…just like the 60’s when I was a kid…

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