Glassdoor has been acquired for $1.2B



Good company, easy money off the users.


It is a cash deal. The cash was from overseas and soon will be in the pockets of employees and investors, mostly in Bayarea. The liquidity is much better than ipo. I am happy to see those cash :moneybag: floods into real estate soon :clap:.


Can’t see why that site is worth 1.2B… :thinking:


According to both CFO and CTO who I talked to, that is what I got:

Recruitors may use LinkedIn or whatever to attract candidates, but it is Glassdoor they are using to attract candidates with offers. It is the last miles worthes all the money…


It is. I just missed a similar one where the company was acquired by a PE firm while I was interviewing. All the employees got cashed out on all unvested RSUs. It was huge for them. With a PE firm owning it, stock comp was eliminated, and they didn’t replace it with a bonus plan. It became like a fire drill of people leaving. Needless to say, I didn’t join. I needed to be about 2 months earlier.

I think everyone checks glassdoor now when considering an employer.


You spoke with the CFO and CTO? Do you know them?


Ive missed one PE acquisition - left 10 months early - my former colleagues’ exodus pattern is similar to what you described , missed an acquisition by FANG (again I left early) but this was a wash - acquisition price was same as ipo price , was in place for one smaller acquisition (high double digit millions, joined late and I didnt make much) and right now for someone to buy my employer out is a very, very remote chance -so just here for the RSU.
Happy for the glassdoor employees.


Glassdoor is based where? SF?


Did not know they were in Mill Valley of all places.

HeadquartersMill Valley, CA

Size501 to 1000 employees


TypeCompany - Private


RevenueUnknown / Non-Applicable


Mill Valley WTF? North Bay is nice place to live though. Slower pace and houses can be huge and full of nature. The militant NIMBY’s there wouldn’t want it any other way.


Ha ha. They also have a San Francisco dev office too for a reason.

I had conversations with Ryan and Jim on different occasions. We are not personal friends if this is what you mean… I have @manch as my personal friend and that is good enough :grimacing:.


Your site could worth $1B too… when are you putting up for sale?


I will need a chunk of stocks under the “star member plan”.


Not sure if people will spend 1B for 95% BS. :smile:


My posts alone should add at least $100M value to the site.


FB is at least 95% BS and worth hundreds of billions. Think about that. FB is a social site and worth at least 500x more than glassdoor which is for finding a job. Even Linked In “only” fetched $26B. Match who’s most popular app let’s you swipe right or left to get laid is worth over $10B.


BS rules!!! :rofl:


What’s the definition of BS? Without definition, we can’t know what percentage is BS.

One man’s BS might be another’s wisdom


All my bs’s have hidden wisdoms… :smile: