Golden Gate Heights Pricing

Beautiful home located in Golden Gates Heights/Inner Sunset is a 4 bedroom 2 bathrooms with custom hardwood floors, vaulted beamed ceilings, formal dining room, center patio atrium, panoramic ocean views including several nice decks! Natural lighting at entrance of atrium of the kitchen. Downstairs perfect for an in-law with temperature controlled wine room in garage! Near West Portal, and other shopping districts.

4/2/2500 right next to the Tiled Steps. Asking 1.7M. This one is an easy 2M, right?

For fans of Financial Samurai: he lives in that hood.

For some reason, this house was a hard sell. If you look at history, it expired last year.

With a new year, hopefully someone might buy it. I think you can buy it at the asking price if make an offer now.

Wow, the pricing history can’t be right. So many things happened, went pended, delisted, etc…Maybe it is true, you can’t list a house for the “actual” pricing level. You have to under price or you just not going to get that bidding and hopefully overbidding action!!!

OK. Something is wrong. I looked at the MLS record. It went thru 4 listing agents since April last year! Initially listed at 1,688,000, then 1,386,400, back to 1,688,000 and now 1,695,000. House is vacant but agents are asked to call LA first. No disclosure on MLS.

I live nearby and checked it out at an open house a few months ago.

It needs a lot of work inside, especially the in-law bit/yard. I’m not an expert on prices, but around here (17th/18th) I’ve seen much, much nicer (basically turnkey) for 1.5 (no view, though). This one seems high compared to the ones I’ve looked at.

I wouldn’t call it GGH either, it’s more inner parkside/sunset (it does have an ocean view, but the decks aren’t nice – need rebuilding – and it’s not up on the hill). The nice houses out here start around 16/15th and this one is on 17th.

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@rajbot what do you is a fair price? I have seen houses sell for way higher price, and this one is fairly big. So the inside must be really really bad for it to sit for so long.

I had this one in mind, it actually sold for 1.7, but my recollection (maybe wrong) is that it was listed for 1.5. This is 4 blocks away. Sold for 1.3 (pre-reno, I think there are photos here) in early 2016. The pre-reno state is probably three or four times as nice as the 17th street home.

This 17th house is walkable to the shops and restaurants on Noriega though, right? If you just treat it as another house on the other side of 19th, that should sell for at least 1.5M, no? I am not saying the market is wrong. Market is almost always right. I am just curious.

The 18th ave house is within walking distance to Noriega, plus the 18th ave house has better proximity to the L Taraval MUNI line (along with the Taraval Safeway, Guerra’s, SFWTC and West Portal). Both of these homes are kind of a hike from Irving, although maybe it’s doable from the 17th ave house.

18th is still the right side of 19th. It’s basically exactly like 17th, depending on the block. I live around here and in my mind they are effectively the same neighborhood, the only advantage I see that the 17th ave house has is an ocean view (the view is pretty nice. It’s no GGH view, but not bad). I guess thinking about it more, the N Judah access is about as proximate as the L Taraval, but imo the Judah is a much worse train line.

Dunno, maybe they did some work on the house since I last saw it, but I will be surprised if they get 1.7.

They have an open house today at 2pm I think. Time to go in and see? :smile:

Price just got slashed 100K. @rajbot is right. This house is a lemon.

Put this in the awesome Sunset District and it would be sold in a week…

Tell me you are not saying merely Sunset is more expensive than Inner Sunset.

Probably not in a general overall sense, but you do have to wonder why this home did not sell when EVERYTHING in the Sunset has sold and sold over asking. You know, people’s preferences can change over time. One thing bad about inner Sunset is the proximity to freeways and markets and stuff. Some people, especially older folks, may not like the distance to groceries.

Ok, @manch, this one 'bothers" me so much so I had to look at it again. First of all, the staging and lack of it really hurts this one. Look at how drab the place looks. You really do not get any remote sense of warmth from looking through this place. You need COLOR and lots of it inside. Some big and cushy couches. Plants, plenty of them. The furnishings are bad and a TV on the wall??? I don’t like the layout that much either. That living room seems narrow and while the open beam ceiling is usually coveted by folks, this one seems out of place or somewhat lacking. Maybe, it is just the contrasting paint scheme that bothers me. No doubt, this should have sold and I really believe it is due to improper marketing of it.

Like my favorite realtor used to say: Nothin’ pricing won’t fix.

Lower it by 300K and witness the mad rush. If not call me and I’ll be happy to buy it for 1M.

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No doubt pricing is always key but I seriously think the seller did a crummy job of marketing this one. Agree, Golden Gate Heights and the bones look good. A great staging job with lots of color really could have helped this one I think.

Wow, another price reduction of 26k…something smells and it ain’t the fish sauce…

Unnatural death(s) on premises??? What is it about this darn property??? You just pointed out a Sunset home right on the train tracks of a busy intersection that goes easily for 1.2M. This is nicer and quieter and def in a better neighborhood. What???

Someone put it out of its misery and buy it for 1M already…

For $1.5M I’d rather buy in the Richmond district. Also this home has a tunnel entrance…yuck.

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