Good Time To Sell, Bad Time To Buy

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Americans Suddenly Sour on the Housing Market

It’s a Great Time to Sell and a Bad Time to Buy, they think.
[/quote]Only one chart matters. The red graph says up :slight_smile: , bull market is intact :joy:

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I don’t necessarily agree that you want it to be completely one-sided though. I would prefer a balanced market where people are buying and selling. The analogy is the high cost of living here in the Bay Area (Fab 7x7 and SV). It is great if you own but we are losing folks to Seattle and your Austin. Is that good? I would say no. We may be the big dog but nothing is ever guaranteed and frankly I am greedy, I want both (high prices and all people to keep coming). I mean, you are hearing rents have leveled off some so there has been some impact from folks heading elsewhere.

[quote=“sfdragonboy, post:3, topic:2529”]
I would prefer a balanced market where people are buying and selling.
[/quote]Every transaction has one buyer and one seller. You may want to rephrase.

If Tech stocks are continue to go down like Friday and Today, it is hard for Bay area as many will not sell their stocks to buy home.

There are brighter chances on FED hiking the rate by Wednesday that reduces lender’s spread on mortgage.

Further, how many will take equity from their homes and buy these tech stocks on a ‘discount’ ?

I don’t think I have to. I agree with the article, since I am in this predicament. I want to sell but I can’t find anything. Hence, no business activity comes about so nobody wins.

Good time to sell stocks and buy real estate. …a 20% could happen anytime…better to sell before that happens…

The new tech millionaires should sell enough stocks to buy a house with cash. But the problem is that they are still waiting for ipo


Good question, but I suspect in any marriage, one party will look aghast at the idea. It is a bit risky…

If someone, they risk their home ! Wise won’t do.

Good time to sell stocks : True

buy real estate: Wait , not rush as the impact will be seen in 6 months, may be around Dec 2017 better to pitch in real estate.

I’ve been in meetings with people who have been in the financial industry for 40 years. They say, the graphics are telling a recession or something like that is coming.

Of course, they don’t have a crystal ball, but they smell rat when they see one.

For anybody selling huge amount of stocks totaling $500K or more, artworks, any real estate for that amount or more, let me know, I can help you to use the capital gains you will pay. You will defer the payment for 30 years, so you can use that $ for more investments.

Yes Marcus! I am helping people to avoid paying taxes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which one lead? Stocks or real estate? Some say real estate leads :slight_smile:

IMO, recession won’t be there. Stocks were going crazy, esp Tech stocks, and naturally will come down. I have been watching Nasdaq which is almost 20% YTD until last Thursday. This too much and getting corrected now.

Stock leads always, then comes real estate. Since Tech stocks are getting hit, local bay area may likely get impact. This is guess work, but no one can guarantee !

Nasdaq has fallen all the way back to May 25 prices…Ah the horror, what shall we do…Sell if you want to sleep at night…Or stay the course…Stocks are volatile, such is life

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I think everyone knows the stock market was due for some sort of correction for a long time now. Two days of decline are really nothing to cry about. If an investor gets antsy because of two days of decline then might as well just not invest at all.


IMO, it depends on situation. If you remember, Last week, I was telling stock goes crazily without any real reason. I have seen my returns reached YTD 49.8% till last Thursday. That was too much.

I am sure that I may not have so much future growth. Today, I came out with 41.28% return, which is more then enough returns for this year. There is no end to greediness. Enough returns reached at this stage.

Growing FED rate hike environment and political uncertainty definitely brings down the growth. It is better to take a pause and wait until the dust settles.

You have a more volatile account than mine. My YTD return dropped from 26.5% to 22.5%. In addition to crazy stocks like FANGs and TSLA, my portfolio also has conservative ETFs.

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However, my brokerage account says my YTD return is 39%. Hmm… how the hell did they arrive at that number??? :grin:

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