Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


This administration showed us that whoever got into a position of power, he or she was a “victim” of something and she or he wanted some compensation. We the people, at least the ones reading and investigating knew the game smelled to corruption and nepotism coming to live in there.

What is a billionaire doing in a government position but helping himself to the spoils of richness? How stupid we are to not understand they are down to earth and want all poor people to become like them.

It also showed us that some section of the population believing in the stork story, thought it was time for a president to do something because they are being victims of an annihilation by the same government allowing those illegal criminals, and Muslims, and whatnot to come to this country. So stupid to not read history to learn those criminals once fought hand to hand on this same field or overseas for the commonwealth of this country.

Oh yeah! Them victims gathered around the liar in chief and believed he was going to circle the country with a beautiful wall and deport those undesirable criminals that were “Muslims, and Mexicans=Hispanic”.

I have to make something clear: I disagree with Marcus saying “You’re saying that they need special help from white men to accomplish anything”. I hope my English comprehension didn’t play me a joke, but I think he is not doing anything but becoming the racist we are trying not to be. “the white men” excludes, displaces, demeans, stereotypes other “Americans” as worthless as if they didn’t exist. This country is not white, nor black, nor Asian nor European but a rainbow of many races, colors, sizes, types and languages. Unless you are trying to say that the government itself is made out of only white people. Is Carson a white person so he can give away handouts to “whoever is a victim”? I got lost trying to grasp what he said.

Anybody is a victim here. I will touch the rent control later to see if anybody here confesses he or she is a victim of something. :grin:

So, a piece of politics in the make. Did you know why Carl Icahn resign? Because he felt himself a victim of the government and took a chance to join this corrupt government (remember draining the swamp?) in order to get his hand in the cookie jar but was caught in the act big time.

On Dec. 22, the day after Icahn was formally declared a White House adviser, the price of the credits dropped. Then, on Feb. 27, news leaked that Icahn had struck a deal with the Renewable Fuels Association to change the ethanol blending requirement. That sent the price of credits down more, and it fell further when word leaked that an executive order on ethanol blending was imminent.

Early in the year, CVR actually was selling renewable fuel credits, the magazine wrote. It was able to buy them later at a discount to meet federal requirements, according to the story.

Painter, reached Saturday by The Associated Press, said Icahn faces potential legal exposure to insider trading laws as well as other fraud statutes “if he took information from the White House or government in violation of any relationship or trust.”

Despite being unpaid, his job title as adviser to the president exposes him to possible legal action, Painter said. “When you have a title like that, that’s ‘to the president,’ it’s very hard to argue that you’re not a government employee,” Painter said.



According to this graph, Asian is the most liberal group and also has the highest moderates. Black and Hispanic are more conservative than Asians.


Just more of the tolerant left attacking police.

Also, only 8% of Americans owned slaves. Odds are most white people are from a family that never owned slaves.


Antifa morons


Antifa activists often don’t hesitate to destroy property, which many see as the incarnation of unfair wealth distribution.

“Violence against windows – there’s no such thing as violence against windows,” a masked Antifa member in Union Square told CNN. “Windows don’t have – they’re not persons. And even when they are persons, the people we fight back against, they are evil. They are the living embodiment, they are the second coming of Hitler.”



A white power group member drove the car into a crowd of anti-fascism protesters, but killed an anti-racism woman. These groups should have kept some distance from each other to avoid violence and avoid mistaken killing

By Cristina Silva On Sunday, August 13, 2017 - 13:53

James Alex Fields Jr. drove his car into a crowd of anti-fascism protesters Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing an anti-racism activist and injuring 19 people. Fields, 20, had expressed his support for far-right ideologies since at least middle school, The New York Times reported. Yet somehow critics on the far-right spent the weekend blaming the mayhem not on the white power groups who gathered to protest the removal of a Confederate statue, but rather on the counter-protesters who showed up to express discontent with the nation’s largest gathering of neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan supporters in decades.

Groups such as Anti-Racist Action, Showing Up for Racial Justice and Black Lives Matter arrived in Charlottesville in force against the crowds of white neo-Nazis waving Confederate flags at the “Unite the Right” event. “The crash followed violent conflicts between far-right demonstrators, Antifascist (AntiFa) protesters, and police that resulted in tear gas canisters detonating in the streets amid scores of arrests and hospitalizations,” the Southern Poverty Law Center said of Fields’ attack in Virginia.

The incident marked the latest display of violence from Americans concerned about the potential spread of modern fascism under the Trump White House. It’s unclear who or how many people are organizing the AntiFa movement. The secretive U.S. effort has been traced to militant leftist movements in Germany, Italy and Spain before World War II. Since the rise of President Donald Trump, who has openly attracted neo-Nazi supporters, Anti-Fa protesters have been linked to violent protests against the far-right. During Trump’s inauguration, for example, police arrested more than 200 people after protesters dressed in black smashed local windows, set some cars on fire and attacked law enforcement officials on the streets of Washington, D.C.

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The conservative leaning National Review warned its readers about AntiFa protesters in June in an article titled, “The Roots of Left-Wing Violence.” “Antifa are not satisfied with labeling people fascists; they want them to bleed on that account,” the article posits.

The neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer has begun collecting so-called AntiFa violence under articles such as “Street Footage of Antifa Attacking Journalists” and “Antifa Leader Celebrates OJ Simpson Release, Says He’ll be Killing More White People!” “Antifa are violent cowards,” the site declares.

The mainstream media has slowly been chronicling the rise of the AntiFa movement. In April, Mother Jones published an article titled, “I Went Behind the Front Lines With the Far-Right Agitators Who Invaded Berkeley.” It captured this scene at a rally in California:

There are perhaps a few hundred protesters in total, with the right appearing to slightly outnumber the left. At the front line between Trump supporters and antifa, there is a white man in a Spartan helmet with a red, white, and blue crest. He is wearing a GoPro on his chest, American flag shorts, and a Trump flag on his back, like a cape. “I ain’t no fascist!” he shouts across the line at an antifa protester. A woman next to him, in a pink MAGA hat with an American flag painted on her cheek, shouts at the antifa man, “You’re a fucking piece-of-shit terrorist! That’s what you guys are: fascist terrorists!”

“Suck a dick!” the Spartan shouts to the antifa man.

“I love sucking dick!” the antifa man shouts back.

In its upcoming September issue, The Atlantic followed AntiFa protesters in Portland, Oregon rallying against fascism and Nazis. The article asks the reader: “If you believe the president of the United States is leading a racist, fascist movement that threatens the rights, if not the lives, of vulnerable minorities, how far are you willing to go to stop it?” It describes the AntiFa movement as violent.

“Since antifa is heavily composed of anarchists, its activists place little faith in the state, which they consider complicit in fascism and racism. They prefer direct action: They pressure venues to deny white supremacists space to meet. They pressure employers to fire them and landlords to evict them. And when people they deem racists and fascists manage to assemble, antifa’s partisans try to break up their gatherings, including by force,” The Atlantic writes.

The president may have been speaking to supporters calling on mainstream politicians to condemn the AntiFa movement with his controversial remarks over the weekend on the car attack. Trump declined in the aftermath of the Charlottesville violence to denounce white power groups, instead alluding to the AntiFa movement in a statement condemning anyone who showed up looking for a fight in Virginia.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides — on many sides,” Trump said during a press conference.


With street violence erupting, I’m seriously worried about millennial generation. Is the 60s also full of street violence and political devide?

If the 60s violence was dominated by boomers, the street violence today would be dominated by millennials. A scary world


Antifa is also anti Israel. And antifa is spreading to colleges such as Stanford.

Will some of the Stanford kids get violent? Will antifa spreads like comminism and control half the world? I’m surprised that violence is being adopted by Stanford students. We should stay away from college towns now.


Sooooooo, I wasn’t going to post anything more in this thread since it has gone so far off from the topic, but my curiosity is getting the better of me. I just cannot understand why people (particularly, normally reasonable posters like marcus) would support the ravings of the white supremacist marchers in Charlottesville. I know there is plenty of anger going around and also too much irrational behavior (yes from various parties). After seeing videos like this one of Chris Cantwell, how can you take their arguments seriously? I am just asking here since I don’t think there is anyone I know who could answer this question.


This wiki relates anti racist to antifa. Is the killed woman heather Heyer part of antifa since she is part of anti racist? Antifa showed up at Heather’s funeral since they do not trust police for protecting the people. It feels that Heather Heyer is part of antifa, is this a crazy guess?

Seems there is more to research. I think antifa have the potential to become as infamous as white supremacists

Almost all the antifa pictures show white people. Are both antifa and white supremacists white people? They like to use violence against each other


I’m not supporting them. I’m pointing out the hipocracy and liberal bias of the media. How much media attention has their been on 1 person driving a car into a crowd? How much coverage has their been on all the damage done by Antifa? If the left likes you, then you largely get a free pass from the media.

As I’ve pointed out, the public is horribly misinformed on basic facts. Who’s informing them, and why is the information so incorrect? Also, society is so emotionally immature now that discussion facts doesn’t matter. People just dig into their incorrect ideas even more. We live in an age where people believe they are informed with facts, but a simple survey shows most people’s facts are wrong. If that doesn’t concern you, then you don’t care about democracy.


If you thought Marcus was a reasonable man, believe me, I’ve had it enough with him and his remarks. Here, finally we come to know him as what he is, do I need to say anything else about who he supports or loves but ---------------fill the blank but not Antifa nor BLM nor the patriots beating up criminal minds aka Nazis?

I thought, given his some times educated remarks and the fact that he is in the high tech industry, you know, smart and thoughtful people should show their intelligence, but I lost fate on him long time ago after he pounded and pounded the idea of universal healthcare with nonsense publications and a lack of empathy for his fellow Americans.

How dare he compares a thug on the streets with a Nazi? Is he sane enough to understand “Americans, whatever their ideas” are protesting and stopping people with a stupid, a criminal/genocidal ideology? No, he isn’t!

What bothers me is to see some of the posters here, laughing, mocking, criticizing those who are on the side of history saying Nazis don’t have a place in this America. They put topics trying to deflect the very core problem of the Nazi mentality by criticizing what they should be supporting. And by doing that, they become supporters of such disgrace. They are lacking of empathy, they are hypocrites at failing to note that all this violence was born out of their leader in the white house who never said any word against violence, he even encouraged people to beat up others during the campaign. All what we see is WHITE SUPREMACISTS/NAZIS taking advantage of that permit slip the guy in the white house gave them.

Funny or tragic, these poster would be the first victims of what they defend because they are not “whites”. Let me say it in crude words, not an Asian, Black or Hispanic guy like me would be exempted from being beaten up, or executed if the Nazis would reach their dreams, stop thinking you would be the exemption, no, you wouldn’t!. Excuse my racist expression.

I rather be an Antifa than a worthless piece of chit Nazi, or the ones who support them. Period!


Very smart message from Arnold. Not my favorite guy, but well said:


So it’s acceptable to physically attack someone if you don’t agree with their morals? We have the Megan’s law website. Those people were convicted of crimes. You can even see the ones that committed sex crimes against kids. That’s about as morally wrong as one can get. Does that give you the right to look up who they are and go attack the ones that live near you? No, it doesn’t. You’d go to jail for doing it. When you’re only response to words and ideas is physical violence, you’re admitting that you can’t mentally compete. That’s only going to make the other side more powerful and rally people to their cause. If you want to beat a screwed up ideology, you do it with information and education.


That’s a relief. Of course the spread of incorrect ideas combined with violent activity is deadly serious. I have the same concerns. I’m all for information, education and scientific findings-- that’s why I was initially interested in this thread. I think understanding different perspectives to develop empathy is also important, so I asked.

Unfortunately, the white supremacist rally at Charlottesville offered none of this. Instead, the trolling and rage that ensued took a life and injured 19 others. Was it worth it? What have we learned from this?

I’m just glad people like Republican Arnold Swartzenegger and others did stand up against the hate and bigotry found in the ideas of the neo- Nazis, neo-Confederates, and KKK, rather than playing the blame game.


I was using the word “reasonable” liberally, as in not completely psychotic, or at least coming off as more sensible than T rump more often than not. :wink:


Other groups use similar tactics. People don’t have issues with the tactics if they perceive the cause is moral. I guess people never read a history book about MLK. He accomplished more done than any of these modern “leaders”, and he did it peacefully. He was always quick to condemn violence as a solution. Now the first response to to light everything on fire and start looting businesses. People are scared to condemn it, because they don’t want to be labeled racist.


Let’s see how much denounce we get from Indians on this forum…You know, those voting for the racist president. And mumbling and jumbling nonsense.


Come on Marcus! Like your perverted and vulgar president, you are deflecting and still no denounce from you. But Hillary, but Obama, but Megan’s law, but this and but that.

All you need to say is “sorry guys, the hatred got the best of me, my apologies not for thinking that attacking other Americans willing to die to get rid of the pest the Nazis represent I gave them my undeserved support by being silent”. :wink:

Believe me, I read you, and nowhere you are denouncing the Nazi ideology. You are just comparing apples to oranges. You are just deflecting on the subject that your fellow posters here could be victims of your silence. Tell me Marcus, would you be willingly going down that path? All because you want to look good supporting a narcissist president?

Did you see the video and gave it a thumbs up? No! Well, giving you the benefit of the doubt, I may think it doesn’t reflect your thoughts! It is contrary to what you support, right? But you never condemned the fact that these are Nazis, against what America stands for. Neither did some forum posters that could be victims of this ugly ideology, they are still mumbling jumbling about denouncing it, and it doesn’t come from the bottom of their hearts, unbelievable! Only when the things hit their fan they will be crying. Oh boy, it never changes.

People who want me, and perhaps some posters on this forum, and my family killed, executed, vanished, gone from the US deserve more than a beat up in my opinion. The US back in the second world war lost 400,000 fine men fighting them, tens of them shot in cold blood in the last days by the Nazis. Sad to see idiots, racists, supremacists reviving that f…ed ideology. It is not American, it is nothing more than hatred for their fellow Americans who immigrated from Asia, Africa and America.

This is not about parties, it is about conscience and love for humanity. Others want to beat up heads, riot and burn chit, go ahead, be my guest, you end up in jail. Is that hard to understand?

By the way, I am just waiting for you to denounce Twhitler “the law and order” president pardoning Arpaio. I am just waiting for it, you will be so mad at that thing you are going to berate Twhitler, right? :rofl:

Twhitler thought he could pull another one denouncing the marches in Boston. Then, somebody told him “you idiot!, you need to support them so you can deflect attention from the f…ed up statement you made before”. There he was, like an LGTB supporter saying it was OK to protest…LOL…what a hypocrite.

For your information, there’s no fine gentlemen among Nazis. Period!

Look at this video, the summon of all ugly things waking up by the encouragement of the racist president. Change the word Black, Latino to Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, etc. on this video

Now, see? This happens when you become a silent spectator.