Google engineer's viral 10 page anti diversity screed


I think people will need to show pride with their heritage if they’ve been historically put into an inferior position. That’s why women need to show that they are proud of being female, and minorities need to associate and be proud of their ethnic identity as well. However, if you are already the most successful group of people out there, then marching in the street and showing pride will come off as arrogant and disrespectful rather than empowering and inspiring.


Bingo. You need to be aware of the contexts. That’s why men complaining about women-only gatherings and clubs are so tone deaf.



What’s with the black clothing?
Groups that identify as antifa may use a technique known as black bloc, which involves wearing black clothing and items like bandanas that shield one’s face—outfits that help people stay anonymous in a crowd. There can be philosophical reasons behind this, like a belief that hierarchies are bad and that remaining anonymous helps keep one’s ego in check. There are also practical reasons, like hiding one’s identity from protestors on the other side (who might dox people they disagree with) or from police and cameras.

What’s antifa?

“What do antifa groups oppose these days?
There’s not one set answer. Anti-fascist groups have long protested globalization in Europe. These days in the U.S., antifa protestors are often bound by an opposition to capitalism. Some may also describe themselves as anarchists, people who question authority on principle.”

“Being against oppression doesn’t seem extreme. Why are these groups controversial?
In the name of fighting for those ideals — and putting a stop to “hate speech”—some antifa protestors will employ militant tactics or violent means such as vandalism. That happened at President Trump’s inauguration, where protesters busted out limousine windows. Later in the spring, antifa protesters in Berkeley, Calif., opposed a speech by right wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos by breaking windows and starting fires, causing more than $100,000 of property damage. Some antifascist activists say that the media has sensationalized them by focusing such instances. And they point out that they have been targets of violence themselves.”


"Here is how one self-described antifa activist explained the label to TIME: “The standard for antifa ideology is anti-capitalism, anti-fascism of course. Those are kind of the two main pillars, but within that, encompassed, it also comes with being anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-ableism, anti-transphobia, anything like that and just protecting people who are marginalized and oppressed.” Another said that antifa activists are simply “going against this idea that a certain group of elite get to have control over everybody else.””


Perhaps the people marching didn’t feel that way. Recall Simpson’s paradox?


The hot dog chef is white and but not necessarily the most successful person. Maybe most of the white Supremacists are losers in life? The white elites probably would not go March in the street

Within each racial group, there are also subgroups. Among white people, there are leftists and rightists. Among black people, there are also progressives and conservatives.

Population can be sliced and diced in many different groups. It’s better to treat everyone as a person instead of a white person, a black person or an Asian person


That would be a total lack of self awareness, and yes, losers in life.


[quote=“wuqijun, post:692, topic:2843, full:true”]
That would be a total lack of self awareness, and yes, losers in life.
[/quote]Are you talking like Indian supremacist and Chinese supremacist respectively?


I think you are more of a Chinese supremacist than I am. Which is funny, because you are not even from China.


"Icahn said in a letter to Trump released Friday that he would resign to prevent “partisan bickering” about his role that Democrats suggested could benefit him financially.

The resignation came just three days before The New Yorker was scheduled to post its story online and begin selling printed magazines on newsstands. In the story, the magazine points out potential conflicts and even possible criminal law violations involving obscure rules that require oil refineries to blend ethanol into gasoline."


Talking about you not me. What I am is not relevant. Deflecting doesn’t work here. So what if I’m a supremacist, a racist, a sexist and a loser, we are talking about you! Are you?


Of course not. Did I say Chinese people are the most superior? Why would I be a supremacist while I am condemning racial supremacy?



You got the Nobel Prize for this statement.

Racism, as well as slavery and discrimination should be things we need to get rid of. The Nazis on the streets of the country that lost 100s of thousands of its people fighting them should be denounced by everybody. Don’t be an accomplice by being silent.


Yes!!! Nobel committee please hand over my million dollar prize money… :rofl:


Please people, stop fighting against each other. I know I am guilty of sending some cruel or direct statements towards posters here, my apologies, but at the end, we all are looking for the welfare of this country. If you guys met me, I am as mellow and a jokester, silly at best and you can have the funniest time with me. The words here don’t depict me, believe me, I am as friendly as a cobra. :rofl:

So, come on! I remember you guys, Asians as you are, you were mentioning some derogatory or discriminatory words last time I read you. I hope they were jokes, but it worries me. Every culture has words “not welcoming” towards other races and or nationalities, it is a part of history. And you know how offended we feel when those words are yelled at us. I think I told my story, a black lady called me “spic” once. Funny, and tragic. Those discriminated against, are discriminating against others. Oh boy…

We had a country until 2015 that thought all this racism, crazy nationalism embedded in Fascism wasn’t that visible on our streets, only in the thoughts of our citizenry. Whether you want to politicize this topic or not, the sitting president allowed all this crapola to come out on the open. The racists and Fascists nationalist stuck to him like ticks. Then, they came out on the open thinking that they were OK. They are wrong, there are more people loving the diversity in this country than the white empire they want to build.

I come from a country where growing up thinking that black people, indigenous people were “less”. Not even denying that gays were treated like garbage. I had friends in that category, I loved them so much, but as a part of the culture that puts you against the wall if you support them…I stayed quiet instead of defending them. It wasn’t, until I came here, that I realize I was wrong.

I can be identified as an European by some, Mexican by others, even Mexicans speak in English to me some times. Was I discriminated once? Oh yeah! But not by white people. And the words expressed by them, really hurt me. I don’t want to repeat they vicious cycle, and I try to stay away from joking about colors and nationalities.

Please, stay polite guys. I know many of you are Asians, so, believe me, you don’t win by fighting each other. There are out there some people that want you fighting. Not me.


The Nobel prize competition is going to be fierce. Even Trump is now becoming PC and wants to compete against wuqijun :grinning:

Everyone is now against bigotry and hate


The difference is when you call someone a victim, you’re saying they have no power. They can’t change their situation, since they don’t control it. You’re telling them they are powerless. There is no point in them trying. That’s the absolute worst message to send people. It should be about empowerment and what they can do to improve their situation. Instead, we tell them they can’t do anything and should wait for others to help them.

I think it’s actually racist and sexist to say minorities and women need special programs. You’re bluntly telling them they are inferior and can’t compete on their own merits. You’re saying that tihey need special help from white men to accomplish anything.


Everybody has become a victim…This loser mentality started in the 60s, when it became fashionable to rippoff the Man…The idea is that there were priviledged people and the rest were their victims, and therefore it was your right to live off the efforts of others…Once you become a victim you are allowed to wallow in self pity and blame society for your problems. .and become a freeloader off the welfare state.
This pathetic outlook on life has replaced the old puritan work ethic and go old Yankee know how. .
Many Blacks and underprivileged whites both suffer the most from the victimization disease. .Immigrants don’t have it but their children can contract it…It will be end of the great American experiment. .